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         A woman danced gracefully, dressed in dark blue and red arabian styled dancing clothing. Men and woman watched her in awe, she seemed to be the best dancer around.

         On the outside, the woman was smiling and laughing as though she was enjoying herself. While on the inside she couldn't stand the looks the men in the crowd gave her. They watched her like she was a slab of fresh meat and they were hungry wolves. She couldn't wait to finish this.

         She danced over to a man who caught her attention and changed her dance slightly, easily seducing the man. Filthy pig. You should just die. She thought angrily. She leaned down to his ear and whispered to him. He answered her question with an eager nod and she led him away from the crowd.

         The woman guided him back to her home. Although, it was more like her hideout than a place you should call your home. "Not to offend you but, you look really familiar...Like that wanted woman I've seen posters of..." The man commented, looking around the dimly lit room they were now in.

      "Oh? Do you mean the one who's been killing since she was a little girl? Kana, right?" The woman asked while she tied her long brown hair up.

         "Mhm. I hear she targets anyone too...Even children..."

         "Not just anyone...I only target those who deserve to die." The woman walked over to a table in the corner of the room, grabbing a silver blade and holding it up thoughtfully.

         The blade glistened in the moonlight that shone through a partly open window. "I-Is that a knife? W-Why do you have that?!" The man gasped.

       "You wanted a private dance, no? I'm going to show you a very special one I designed. Although it get's a bit...messy..." A devilish grin spread across the woman's face.

         "Y-You're Kana, aren't you?!"

        "Mhm." Kana nodded, still smiling. She walked over to the man and began her work, slicing and chopping off whatever she pleased. She did this for some time before a high-pitched scream forced her to stop.

        "No!! M-My husband!!! Get away from him!" Another woman screamed at Kana.

         "Huh?" Kana paused. She had been doing this for years, ever since she was nine, and she'd never run into a situation like this. Twenty years of killing, and she'd never been caught. Or at least she couldn't remember a time. She didn't know what to do. Kana frowned, "I guess I'll have to kill you too, then?" She abandoned the man, who had bled out and died hours before, and grabbed the woman by her hair.

         "N-No! Please!!" The woman pleaded. "Help me!!"

         "Shut up, you stupid whore." Kana hissed, tossing her onto a small, old, bed in the room. She looked around the dark room, searching for rope or something to tie the woman up.

         "Stop right there, Kana." A new voice caught Kana's attention.

         She turned to the doorway and frowned, "Who are you?" The man and the others behind him looked like thieves. Why are they here?

         "We've been paid a rather hefty price to end your life." The leader smirked. "Seems you've been a pretty bad girl, huh?"

         Kana froze. "W-What? You." She glared at the man standing in the doorway as she suddenly recognized him.

         "You heard me." He smirked.

         "N-No..." Kana's demeanor changed completely. Her hands shook slightly and her thoughts raced. How do I get out of this? The leader of the thieves drew his sword and Kana raised her arms in an attempt to stop him from coming close to her.

         "Aw, don't tell me the infamous Kana is afraid of dying?" The thief took a few steps towards her. "You know, I may be a thief, but even for me, what you've done your whole life is horrible."

         "I-I..." Kana stammered. She backed away, but felt her back hit the wall.

         "No where to run now. Goodbye, bitch." The thief raised his sword and cut Kana's head clean off her shoulders with a simple swipe.


         Kana looked around. Everything was dark. Small black things flew all around her. Are those...birds? Everything was silent. How did this happen? Why did I waste my entire life like this?  Kana found herself thinking over her entire life.

         She thought about her abusive father and innocent mother who always tried to protect her, but never could. She thought about how it felt to kill her father. How it felt when she could see the life fading from his cold, dying eyes. Kana had smiled and laughed evilly back then, but now she questioned why felt the need to do that. She still felt all the same rage, killing him didn't help.

         Kana remembered her first kills after that. A small child and her mother. The child had been asleep, unaware of what was happening. Looking back, Kana saw herself in that child. But she also saw herself in her father's place. A crazy murder who cared for no one. Not even the life of a precious child.

         "I-If...If I could just have a second chance..." Kana found herself crying. "I-I wish I could just do everything over...I wish I had had the power to protect mother..." She regretted her life, but she knew she couldn't let go of the anger towards her father and every other man in her life that treated her the same. She was even angry at her mother, even if she knew her mother could do nothing to help.

         Suddenly, the birds around her changed, turning from their black color to white. Kana shielded her eyes as a bright light washed over her, and a warm feeling spread throughout her body.


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