ch 1: Alistair Franz de Azeleas

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" As the crown prince of this kingdom, I Travishu McKinley de Régulariser, hereby annul my engagement with Alistair Franz de Azeleas"

At that moment I got memories, of the person whose body this originally was.

Alistair Franz de Azeleas, the second son of Azeleas household, brought up with little freedom under strict parents and high standards. At the age of six when his second gender was revealed, the current king and the Duke got him engaged to the crown prince of this kingdom. His freedom and choices were restricted as the future queen of the Kingdom, it was piles and piles of studies which he continued to endure for recieving a kind word from his stepmother and Father, but all their love was directed at the "legitimate" Alpha son who was better and not useless omega like him.

When he was eight a boy with platinum blonde hair and ocean blue eyes had consoled him when he was crying alone in a corner, it was love at first sight, with the same crown prince that bound him to this engagement. He had promised himself to become a queen worthy of him and his kingdom.

Diplomacy, politics, foreign languages, etiquette, culture or customs he had mastered it all while the crown prince was spoiled by the doting king and his queen. He had grown up a flirt who was far from the shadow of a king in all regard, his queen outshined him in many matters and served as a shakle to him and his freedom. Growing up he had to comply with the prince's unreasonable demands, sometimes he'd ask him to do his homework because a fiancé must provide him with support in all situations(which was rather funny but still unreasonable for him as a kid, but this was the starting point of his unreasonable demands), he'd ask him to obtain precious jewels and herbs, these demands worsened as they grew older as he would now compare him to other women and omegas and want him to do what they did.

When the crown prince neglected his duties, he advised him as a queen and not as his fiancé. Hearing his complaints and whining was sure tiring. He had chased away all the bees(men and women) that ran to him, enchanted by his flirtatious skills and breathtaking looks, who wanted to as his potential mistresses and concubines, it was tiring, but he was too blinded by love for that. His heart was cut and torn into a million pieces everytime he saw the person whom he loved by all his heart treat him all cold and harsh like a stranger.
He had saved him many times as he acted carelessly in front of all the nobles, the king sure loved him too much for disinheritance but did he not understand that his two brothers
too aimed the throne?

A/n: Trash-issue has two brothers Delphaeus who is a beta and Coerius, an omega, I am thinking of making a spin off using the brothers sometime later tho...

Sometime after he "befriended" Alton, he changed but for the worst. This "friend" angered Alistair the most, despite being a Count's son and a recessive Omega to boot, he had the crown prince swinging back and forth to him stuck like a glue which created all sorts of rumours like him being the crown prince's lover or a potential future mistress.

After getting lovey dovey with Alton, the crown prince started treating him way more cold and harsh than before. Alton's gang occasionally harrassed him and spread nasty rumours about him, but he patiently endured. Neither could Alton have any real power till the engagement officially breaks off nor he could be declared as a mistress or lover of the prince. Alistair's presence kept him in check, crown prince has to remain faithful to his queen candidate and until he is officially crowned as the king. Chances of Alton becoming a concubine by then is lower as he has no real power.

Füsten county, from where Alton comes from is one of the five gifted territories from the neighbouring Arnstadt empire when Croyan kingdom and Arnstians were allies. The alliance broke as Arnstians signed a peace treaty with the neighbouring demon kingdom of Partheia, ushering peace between the two kingdoms and increasing friendly trade and diplomatic ties with the demon race. However, friendship with one means betrayal with the other. A hardcore conservative faction nation like Croyan lost a huge Ally overnight, leading to a huge civil war, and a perpetual blockade.

These five Territorries proved their loyalty by siding with the kingdom and opposing Arnstian empire. Due to original Arnstian influence, the nobles of these lands use "von" instead of commonly used "de". The retain these cultural influences to basically troll the empire on a diplomatic level.

However the current territorial conditions however, are like a can of insects and worms packed inside a beautiful chest of treasure. Taxes are soaring on a illegal rates, people are being forced to sell themselves onto slavery and bandits, organised crime gangs have made the corrupt territory their headquarters.

It is very clear as to why the Füsten family wants a "friendship/relationship " with the crown prince in particular and the royal family in general.
(Basically the Füsten family wants the support of the royal family to cover up their crimes)
Travishu always turned a blind ear to his appeals. It is certainly clear that he wanted to get him removed from fiancé status as soon as possible, which was the sole reason for all this drama of association with demons. Omega Noblemen in this kingdom have special protection rights, however that protection is limited only to the extent of marriages. Any form of Harrassment towards omega nobles of lower standing is a serious offense. The higher your standing is as an omega, lesser human rights you can hope for.
Omegas and women are nothing more than a convenient breeder for the next generation of alphas and are thus forced into political marriages as soon as the second gender is revealed.

"What happened? Shocked enough to gasp the situation you are in? Let me repeat: our engagement is ANNULLED"

The recoil after flashback was broken by the platinum blonde alpha's voice. The heavy atmosphere calmed down into a lighter one. Chuckles and whispers reverberated through the entire hall.

"Ten years..."

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