Where does ashton save you

738 40 22

Aries-from the waves at the beach

Taurus-from the crowded hallways of the school

Gemini-from slipping outside


Leo-from yourself :( (If this could be true, please talk to me. I went through stuff and I don't want you hurting okay? Please talk to me.)

Virgo-from Luke

Libra-from Michael

Scorpio-from Calum

Sagittarius-from ketchup (he can get very ferocious!!!)

Capricorn-from a burning building

Aquarius-from you falling off of a ladder

Pisces-from someone trying to kidnap you

Guys. I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything okay? I'm here. I went through stuff, and the only way I got over it was talking. I'm not an adult so I understand what is going on in this time period and I won't judge. I love you all!!! I just want you guys to be happy!!! So smile!! Trust me, it feels good to generally smile after a while....

Vote and comment!! I love you all!!!


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