23 | Dirty Picture

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By the time Monday rolled around, I was sorely tempted to drop out of school and join the circus

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By the time Monday rolled around, I was sorely tempted to drop out of school and join the circus. Going back to school meant having to face Blair, and after this weekend's events I had a feeling she had already plotted her revenge.

Had it not been for the fact I had two tests today, I would have faked sick and skipped, but the desire to get at least semi-good grades made me rip the covers off my bed and shiver all the way into the bathroom. After a quick shower, I managed to drag a brush through my tangled hair, shimmy into my uniform, and grab my backpack from the floor before making my way outside where Sebastian's car was idling by the curb.

"Morning," he greeted as I slid into the passenger's seat. "I got coffee."

Glancing down at the center console, I saw that he had indeed stopped at Cool Beans to pick up some of their famous brew.

"You are a godsend." I grabbed one of the cups, quickly taking a sip. "I'm going to need this if I plan to make it through the day."

"You and me both," Sebastian sighed, shooting me a tired glance before shifting the car into gear. "I got a text from Blair this morning."

I grimaced. "What did it say?"

"Just another warning not to do anything stupid and that we had some things to discuss."

"Things to discuss?" I repeated. "What could we possibly have to talk about?"

He shrugged as he turned off my street and onto Wisconsin Avenue. "Your guess is as good as mine, Stick Girl."

I mulled over what Blair could have possibly meant during the fifteen minute drive to Trinity. By the time Sebastian pulled into his normal parking spot, my coffee cup was empty and I had come up with absolutely no ideas. Apparently it was going to be one big surprise.

After dumping my cup in a nearby trashcan, I joined him by the doors of the school and somehow managed to keep my heart from doing flip-flops as he grabbed my hand. The familiar knot in my stomach that was slowly tightening with each passing day, but I was still unwilling to own up to what it meant.

I shook my head to clear the thought as we made our way down the hallway, stopping by my locker first. I distractedly spun my combo into the dial and pulled open the door, not even pausing when Sebastian let out a groan.

"Blair and Zak are watching us," he murmured, leaning in closer so I could hear him. "Think we should do something to spark their ire?"

Though nothing could ever compare to the expression on Blair's face when I had poured an entire glass of wine on her, I couldn't help but smirk at the prospect of seeing Zak go red in the face.

"What do you propose we do?" I grinned, turning away from my books. "I think we might be running low on things to piss them off with."

"I highly doubt that," Sebastian murmured, smirking as he took a slow step towards me.

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