|| HC - Sick Days ||

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// reader got sick, ruh roh raggy

[] whitty doesnt really know how to treat human sickness
[] but if you ask for something he'll go look for it and bring it back to you
[] will help you get better

[] i like to think whitty knows how to make soup/noodles
[] so he made you that to help you just recover
[] also got you water too how nice

[] you guys watched some cool shows/animes/idfk what you watch
[] cuddled because whitty cant get sick
[] even though he's 20% human

[] he just said and i quote, "i just want you to get better"
[] 👁👁?

[] boy's really worried for you
[] even if it is the common cold or some sh!t like that

[] "what movie did you want to watch again?"

[] he's trying his best and thats all that matters
[] hc that he can heat up any part of his body so he's basically your toasty hugger boy
[] lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles

//sorry, its getting really hard for me to write anything lmao, go ahead and request some head cannons. only hcs though, since im working on two oneshots smh 🗿

 only hcs though, since im working on two oneshots smh 🗿

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