Gabby: Thank you everyone.
Justin: I got you a special present.
Gabby: Really what is it?
Justin: It was an envelope.
Gabby: If it's money then I don't want it because -
Justin: It's not money. Just open it.

I opened the envelope. It was 2 tickets to my favorite band of all time.

Gabby: AHHHH!!!!
Justin: Did you like it?
Gabby: No.
Justin: Really I can return them if you want?
Gabby: I love them!
Justin: I know.
Gabby: How did you get them?
Justin: I bought them and I send the Newsboys an email saying to play your favorite song.
Gabby: We believe.
Justin: Yup.
Gabby: You are the best boyfriend ever.
Justin: I know.
Gabby: When is the concert?
Justin: Umm This Friday.
Gabby: I need to go to work today and today I find out how much I get paid.
Justin: I think you will get paid a lot since you are working in a famous brand place.
Gabby: I hope. I just hope she doesn't make me work Friday.
Justin: If not then it was a waste of money.
Gabby: I will beg and beg until my boss says yes.
Justin: Yea you beg.
Carly: Hey Gabriella
Gabby: Umm you can call me Gabby.
Carly: You can call me boss.
Gabby: Oh ok
Carly: I am just joking.
Gabby: Oh ok
Carly: Your schedule is up. You are working 5 days a week. Is that fine.
Gabby: Yes. Umm how much do I get paid?
Carly: Do you have any specific days you don't want to work. You have to work this Friday. You get paid about $3000 each week.
Gabby: This Friday?
Carly: Yes. Is that a problem?
Gabby: Well today is my birthday and my boyfriend wants to take me to a concert on Friday and we have to leave on Thursday to go to Miami because that is where the concert is.
Carly: Gabby I can't let you miss your first week.
Gabby: I know.
Carly: So I will give you Thursday and Friday off. And you can work Saturday and Sunday just for this week.
Gabby: Are you serious?
Carly: Yes. Now get to work.
Gabby: Umm I don't have an assignment.
Carly: Right. We have a a big fashion and we have to get a good rating to keep this place going and we each get a color and it needs to be the 80's theme.
Gabby: Ok what is my color.
Carly: Purple.
Gabby: Got it. When is the fashion show?
Carly: Sunday.
Gabby: Ok.

I began to design the dress first and I had an idea it was a purple dress it was kind of poofy and it was the dumbest dress ever, but it was what I get paid for. It was tight up to about 2 inches under the hip. Then it was a poof that reached the knee. The top was sparkly and there was a big bow in the middle. On the shoulders it was so big but that was the 80's. It was time to make that dress come alive. It was time for my 30 minute lunch break so I decided to go to eat, but I didn't know where. I saw this guy and he was staring at me. After a couple of minutes he came up to me.

Joseph: Hey your new here right?
Gabby: Yeah I won the contest.
Joseph: Oh yeah they were good.
Gabby: Thanks.
Joseph: So want to go out for lunch together?
Gabby: I guess.
Joseph: Want to go to McDonalds?
Gabby: I don't like fast food.
Joseph: How about we go to Salads and Stuff?
Gabby: I have never been there.
Joseph: Oh it is ok but since you aren't a fan of fast food.
Gabby: I guess is it far from here?
Joseph: Nah it's around the corner.
Gabby: Oh ok. Let me get my purse.
Joseph: Ok.

As I was grabbing my purse from the back where we keep our stuff, I forgot to clean my things up or at least to put it near our station where we have a key.
I saw Joseph taking pictures of my drawing.

Gabby: Hey!
Joseph: Ready to go.
Gabby: You were taking pictures of my dress.
Carly: What seems to be the problem here.
Gabby: Joseph was taking pictures of my designs for the fashion show. Without permission.
Carly: Joseph! You're Fired, No Excuses. Give me your phone.
Justin: Are you packing yet?
Gabby: Yes.
Justin: We are leaving in an hour.
Gabby: I still can't believe it.
Justin: Well believe it.
Gabby: Ahhhh
Justin: What?
Gabby: I still can't believe it.
Justin: Hurry up.

I was running until I almost tripped. I grabbed my balance. It would have been a bloody mess since I was wearing my white shorts with a t-shirt that says Live Life. I got in the car and took out my phone it was a call from James. Last time I saw he was dead in France. I don't think he can't be alive it has been almost 1 year since he has died.

Justin: Let us go to the airport. Are you ok?
Gabby: Umm I got a phone call from James.
Justin: Maybe they got his old number.
Gabby: I guess you're right.
Justin: Now let's go we have a big trip ahead of us.
Ok guys so I decided to make a 2nd chapter for this part. I hope you like it.
Update: Next Thursday-Saturday

If you want to hear Gabby's favorite song them go to the top where the dress is and swipe it to the left and click the video. You can only hear it when you have internet. Bye💗

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