Chapter 11

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

Lu Jia yawns getting up, her brother looking at her. She glares at him before sending him away. She was too tired from the embarrassment she went through last night.

She knew she was dumb by the course of her actions last night, but her twin didn't have to remind her every few seconds about it.


Lu Jia was holding a cup of water, she went to get it at the middle of the night when she stepped on a shoe making her drop the cup.

She jumps back a little startled, she sighs starting to grab the biggest ones, the dark making it difficult as she curses herself out for forgetting to turn the light on.

As she is about to get up, she losses her balance and ends up with her free hand on a piece she didn't see. She almost screams out but holds it in.

"Fuck..." She hisses turning the light on before rushing to the kitchen counter "Fuck, how am I supposed to play tomorrow like this? The wound can open again tomorrow and this is my dominant hand." She sighs when she hisses again feeling the wound in her hand sting as she lets the glass fall into the sink

"Lu Jia?" She turns seeing her brother "Oh shit!" He goes to her being careful with the rest of the glasses

"Go clean those please, then we can clean the wound." He nods as does as he is told as she starts to wash the wound on her hand

"How did you do that?" He sighs helping her go to the bathroom

"I thought I had grabbed every big piece, but apparently, I didn't." She groans as she sits down on the toilet sit

"Turn the light on next time as well." She rolls her eyes watching him clean his hands, Lu Xia grabs some cotton "This might hurt." He starts cleaning the wound, the girl hissing "You're an idiot, for your information."

"You're my twin, if I'm dumb, you're dumb." She says before groaning holding the sink with her left hand hard enough that her knuckles turned white 

"Sorry." He smiles at her pitifully as he continues to take care of her wound


Lu Jia groans before starting to get dressed, she took a shower last night anyways and didn't feel like having to change her bandages.

She sighs putting on her shoes carefully, her sock had already shown her she would have to be very careful today with her hand and the movements she made.


Lu Jia stands next to Lu Xia looking at her opponent "Players, please shake hands." Lu Jia walks forward with a big smile and the two shake hands, Lu Jia giving it a big squeeze thanking God she remembered to use her left hand

"I hope we have a nice game~!" Lu Jia says, the other girl frowning at the strength of the hand shake

"Me-me too..."

"The match begins now." Lu Jia lets her hand go, Lu Xia putting his arm around his twin's shoulders as they walk away

Soon enough, the double games are about to start when Qiao Chen and Baiyang begin to bicker with each other "Hey!" The two turn to Lu Jia "Stop it! Or I'll stop you myself!" The two gulp as they let go of each other to get to their positions, the referee glancing at Lu Jia as if grateful

"Players, please shake hands." Lu Jia turns around to the Golden partners game

'I probably won't need to worry about those two too much...' She thinks sighing in relief

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