Dubstep Girl{A SasuSaku Fanfic}

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This is the first time I'm writing a SasuSaku fanfic. Uhhh,, it kinda describes my life.. My usual daily life except some changes ^__^

Told in first person.





"Gahh,, Shut up you stupid alarm clock!", I mumbled. I lazily slip off the bed to start my normal routine. Which consisted Getting up, Using the bathroom , Blah Blah Blah.

Oh right! I forgot the intro. *Clears Throat*

Hi, My Names Sakura Haruno. I'm 16 , I go to Konoha high school. I have Pink hair (weird i know) I get good grades. But I also have a secret that only me and my friends know. I'm a Dubstep DJ. I go to Clubs almost every night . I'm known as 'SkrillzChik'

Yeah, I know it's kinda like Skrillex but it just came to mind.

After my daily routine I walked to my closet to decide what to wear.

"I gotta go shopping with Ino for new clothes . Gahhhh !" I exclaimed .

After I was done getting dressed which was A 'Three's Days Grace' Tee, black skinnys, Black and Pink vans , my Black spiked belt hanging, and my Dubstep lanyard hanging out of my butt pocket. I went downstairs to get breakfast. Then I relized the time.

"Shit! I'm late again! " I cursed.

I grabbed my book bag and ran out the door. The school isn't that far from home so I ran. When I got there my hair was a mess. Darnnit' I forgot to do my hair.

"Hey FORHEAD! Did you forget to do your hair again!?"

" Not now pig!"


Hey guys Sonya here! This is my first story so plz dont flame (or if you want) uhhh mostly I just randomized things and put it together.. If there's any problems or flaws please let me know(:

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