Chapter 39: Sickness and Big News

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Over the next week, Snotlout and Heather's three days of celebration ended, the town went on it's merry way and the weather only got worse. At least with the terrible weather Hiccup didn't have as much to do around town, only because each household had stock piled food to last them a few months and it was just to Gods damn cold to step out of the house, if they could even manage to get their doors open in the two feet of snow.

The stables had pretty much locked down as well. Many of the dragons, depending on breed, went into a hibernation-like state. One of the few things that Hiccup did do as chief was make sure they were okay. When the snow storms were a little more forgiving, he and Toothless would fly out the hatch in his room and down to the stables to open it's gate, allowing the dragons a little time to roam around the island before being locked up for Thor knows how long again.

Dragon training was now over since devastating winter was afoot. Astrid and the gang could handle the weather like any other viking, but the children as young as five could not. Since Astrid didn't have anything else to do, she mostly would go out with Stormfly when the weather permitted and if not, she would sit by the hearth with Valka, sipping tea and practicing her knitting for the time when she would need it.

Today was already starting to be one of those days. The wind howled, protesting against the wooded walls and threatening to rip the hatch right off it's hinges. Luckily, Hiccup had put an extra lock on it, just in case.

Toothless rubbed his paws over his ears, trying to drown out the sound so he could sleep a little more. Even though it was probably creeping up to midday, everyone in the Haddock house were still in bed, even Valka. Yesterday while Hiccup was in the Great Hall doing some work, Bucket came in to inform him that his bucket was tightening. The chief heeded the mans words and made sure everyone was in their homes early so that they would not be caught out in the blizzard. After taking care of everyone else, Hiccup was able to go home to his wife as well, who was already in bed asleep. He climbed right in bed and drifted off as well.

But now, since it was midday, the couple was now rousing from their slumber and chatting their hearts out. Hiccup was sitting up in his spot with his back leaned against the bedpost, just drawing in his journal, listening to the storm outside and Astrid, who was curled up on her side, head propped up on her hand and trailing the other along his arm, just talking away about things she had learned from his mother.

Hiccup blew his hair from his eyes and continued on his sketch of Toothless and Stormfly that he had been working on for a couple of days. As another rush of wind banged against the wall, Astrid quieted. She sat still for a moment, but Hiccup wasn't concerned...until she bolted up from the bed.

She tore the furs off her body in a flash and ran to the other side of the room, grabbing a bucket, which contained many sticks of charcoal and miscellaneous other things, and scattered it's contents across the desk before hurling into the container. Her stomach heaved a second time as she fell to her knees, dropping the bucket on it's butt and continuing to get sick into it. Hiccup's eyes grew wide. He placed the journal and stick of charcoal on the side table and rushed over to Astrid.

Just as he was getting to her side she was standing again, bucket in hand, and walking back to her side of the bed. Hiccup followed her quietly as she put the bucket on the floor and sat down in front of it. For a third time, her stomach turned inside out and shoved it's way up the woman's throat. Hiccup outstretched his arms to his wife's hair. He held back the strands while she doubled over the bucket again.

As soon as she was done vomiting, Astrid pressed her hand against Hiccup's leg and pushed him back.

"Go away, I don't want you to see this." She moaned.

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