I Love You (WARNING: BoyxBoy dont like dont read)

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Before i start this story heres a little something about the characters :3

Jayy Yuma: a 17 year old boy. (Species: vampire/neko/human)(Eye Color: Yellow)(Hair Color and Style: long smooth straight black hair with a hint of purple, and his hair always gets in the way cause it mostly covers his right eye)(Peircings: tongue, snakebites, bellybutton, and both ears)(Clothing: mostly skinny jeans and somewhat tight shirts with vans, converse, and DCs)

Jake Yato: 18 year old boy.(Species: vampire/werewolf/human)(Eye Color: Red)(Hair Color and Style: a little bit longer than Jayy's smooth straight black hair with a hint of red, and his hair always covers his right eye just like Jayy's but it doesn't bother him)(Peircings: tongue, snakebites, both ears have at least three, and bridge of his nose)(Clothing: skinny jeans, baggy pants, loose shirts, tight shirts, converse, vans, and DCs)

Shane Shira: a 17 year old boy that Jayy has a crush on.(Species: vampire/human)(Eye Color: Red)(Hair Color: Red, long, and straight)(Clothing: skinny jeans, loose shirts, and converse)

Kiki Yuma: a 15 year old girl and Jayy's little sis.(Species: vampire/neko/human)(Eye Color: Green)(Hair Color: White with Black highlights, length is all the way to her waist, kinda wavy, and soft)(Clothing: cute dresses, shirts that expose her stomach, skirts, and DCs)

Kimi Yuma: a 7 year old girl and Jayy's cutest little sis and my favorite girl in the story cause she is so cute X3.(Species: vampire/neko/human)(Eye Color: Purple with a hint of yellow)(Hair Color: Black with a hint of purple and yellow highlights, length all the way to her mid thigh, a lil more wavy than Kiki's, and soft)(Clothing: cute dresses, skirts, shirts with really long sleeves beacause she likes them, some shirts that expose her stomach, DCs, converse, and vans)

Lex Yato: a 19 year old boy and Jake's older brother.(Species: vampire/werewolf/human)(Eye Color: Red with a hint of yellow)(Hair Color and Style: length is to his shoulders, smooth, straight, black with a hint of yellow, and covers his left eye)(Clothing: dark shirts, dark skinny jeans, DCs)(Peircings: nipples, snakebites, nose, tongue, five on his left ear, and three on his right ear)


Mara Yuma: a 30 year old mother of three children kiki, kimi, and jayy.(Species: vampire/neko/human)(Eye Color: an icy blue color)(Hair Color: an icy blue and white with some purple, wavy, soft, and her bangs cover her right eye)(Clothing: just a fun mother that wears teen clothes SHE IS SUCH A KOOL MOM XD)

Yumi Yato: a 30 year old mother of two children jake and lex.(Species: vampire/werewolf/human)(Eye Color: Grey with yellow)(Hair Color: long black hair with red and yellow, smooth, straight, and bangs cover her left eye)(Clothing: SAME AS MARA SHE IS AN AWSOME MOM THAT WEARS TEEN CLOTHES XD)

sorry guys but both moms are single so sad DX


Mimi Beruchan: 18 year old girl and Jake's best friend since childhood she is only vampire/human.

Taku Maru: a 19 year old boy and Jayy's best friend since childhood he is only vampire/human.


Hi my name is Jayy Yuma and im 17 years of age. Time to get to my jacked up life.

"JAAAAAAAAYY!!!!! GET UP OR YOUR GONNA BE LATE YOU DUMBASS," kiki screamed while running to my room and jumping on my back to wake me up. "STOP IT KIKI THAT HURTS!!!," i said howling in pain. "THEN GET UP YOU LAZY ASS," she said and pushed me off my bed. "Jayy," said my cute little sister kimi. "what is it kimi," i said running over to kimi. "can you make breakfast mommy isn't awake yet," she said while hugging me. "anything for little kimi," i said smiling and hugging her back. "can you carry me jayy," she said puting her little arms around my neck. "aw your so cute and yes i'll carry you," i said while picking kimi up. "yay," she said hugging me. While i make breakfast i think about what im going to wear for school.

After i finish making breakfast i put kimi in the chair. I finish eating and go to my room to get dressed. "hmmm, oh i'll wear this," i said grabbing the clothes. I put on some black skinny jeans, a tight red and black shirt, my black hoodie, and my red vans. Then i get my backpack and wake my mom up so i can head out to school. On my way to school i think about this guy named shane. For those of you who still dont know i'm gay. So yeah i like men so what. When i get to school i go to my locker to get my textbooks, and some jock just pushed me to the ground and called me a gay emo faggot. I sighed and got up to get my books, closed my locker, and went to my first class which is gym. I know right gym first thing in the morning.

Oh one more thing i have to tell you guys. The school i go to is an all human school my mom wants us to go to a school that has our own kind, but she is still searching for a place that would have our own kind. School ends and i start to go home. On my way home Shane was with a group of guys and they start beating the shit out of me for being gay. God my life sucks i wish i would die. Well anyways i get off the floor and run home. When i get home my mom sees my face. "JAYY?! WHAT HAPPENED!!!?" she said very worried and got an ice pack from the fridge. "some guys beat me up for being gay," i said while twitching from the pain. "my poor baby, well dont worry cause i finally found a place we could go," she said puting the ice pack on my face.

"Really mom you found a place?" i asked in excitment. "Yep," she said with a smile. I fall to the ground cause i was to excited, and also the guys broke one of my ribs. "JAYY!!!?" she says running to me. "I'm okay mom, but i think they broke one of my ribs," i said in pain. My mom helped me up to my room so i could rest and recover. Oh yeah also we can heal pretty quick. I fall asleep, when i wake up i feel like i always do. I recovered pretty quick this time. My mom comes in my room and talks to me about the place we will be going. "Jayy are you alright," she said still worried. "I'm okay, i recovered quicker than last time," i said with a smile. She smiles back and hugs me, i hug her back. "Be careful next time okay," she says still worried. "Okay mom," i said with a smile. My mom told me that we will be leaving first thing in the morning.

Okay guys this is the end of chapter one but i am going to be typing chapter two right now XD

Okay people if u want the next chapter comment me cause i already finished and now i'm workin on the third chapter. I need to know if u guys want more cause it gets way better. And if u comment me i might give u a sneek peek for the next chapter  ;3

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