7. Friends.

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Felix pov

We all had a good sleep, and we woke up at 6, but left Stefano sleeping a little longer since i believe he had a tough night... we all went to the kitchen and sat around the table, we were waiting for Stefano to wake up.. but it took quit long so we sent Julio, Ivan and Leo to wake him up.
They eventually came down and so we started breakfast.

"Ok, so how did it go Stefano?"
Pietro asked

"Good actually... still need to get used to it though"
Stefano answered

We ate breakfast and all got dressed, we already had Allina's bag ready, we were just waiting for her to wake up do we could feed her, get her dressed and get to school or meetings.

It was now 7.30, and we had to go wake Princess up otherwise we would be late... so after a LONG dicussion on who was gonna get her up and Choose the outfit.....I WONNNN

So i walked upstairs to Stefano's room, and walked over to the bassinet... she was so adorable.... i woke her up by gently saying:" Wake up Babygirl.... we need to get you dressed Princess"
She woke up and started crying... she was hungry ofc.. so i picked her up and rocked her in my arm, when she stopped crying i walked downstairs with her, Luca was already waiting with her bottle, so i handed her to him so he could feed her, and i then walked back up to Choose an outfit... it was April... but it was really warm already in Italy... so i didn't want to dress her up to hot...

*pretend she's still a newborn**this is her outfit*

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*pretend she's still a newborn*
*this is her outfit*

I picked her outfit and went back downstairs.. Lina finished her bottle so i took her upstairs and got her dressed.
I then took her downstairs again and placed her down so the boys could see her outfit.

"It's adorable"
Luca said

"I love the outfit"
Diego said

"She's gonna get ALL the atention today..."
Romano said

"She Is.... thats why she is going with
Emilio, Stefano, Carlo and Diego first, and you will all sit together at lunch, like always, so You can all watch and protect her, if anything happens"
Giovanni said

"Alright then... should we get going?"
Carlo asked

We all nodded and got Allina in her carseet.

I, Giovanni, Luca, Angelo, Vincenzo, Pietro and Marco then said goodbey to the boys and took off to the Mafia meetings...while The boys drive off with 2 cars for them, and 3 cars full of guards.. we were gonna have a few guards around the building now that Babygirl was gonna be going to school with them... not to many to cause a scene tho, but quite few.

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