Part 2

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He steps closer to me and looks me in the eye. I decide to play strong and keep eye contact the whole time. "You passed the line, you know." he growls at me still holding the dagger. He steps close enough for me to smell his breath. I have to look straight up to see him.

"What line?" I say quietly but I'm proud that my voice dosent quiver. I take a step back but don't loose eye contact. He takes a step closer.

"Dont tell me that you don't know about the treaty." he says almost in a mocking voice. "The one our ancestors made only about a century ago. The one that says if someone crosses the line, they may be killed," he smiles "instantly." I take a few more steps back, but every time I move back he comes foward.

"Thatss a story for children," I hiss at him, suddenly feeling mad. "But then again maybe you are one." I smile at my smart remark.

"Tell me" he says, "Do you really think now is a good time to be so rude, being I am the one with the dagger?" he growls back at me. I keep walking backwards slowly and realize that I'm almost to safety.

"Well," I stall, trying to think of something " At least I think." I realize that probably wasn't the best thing I could've said.

"Oh really?" he's practically fuming now. "And this would explain why you didn't just ask me not to hurt you, instead you just decide to start insulting the person with a knife because it's oh so smart. I'm not that mean, I'm just doing my job. Didn't think of that now did you?" he does seem frustrated now. But not really mad. " And do you really think that I would kill someone?" I look into his eyes and know that he probably never would hurt someone on purpose. He seems like he is that kind of nice guy.

" I'm sorry." I say quietly, and shift my gaze over to the trees. I stop walking backwards and realize I'm back on my side of the line now. " I didn't kno..." he interrupts me

"Just go." he says and gives me a hard push on my shoulder that sends me stumbling back a few feet. He looks me hard in the eye and shakes his head. "My brother or Dad would've killed you. Be more careful next time." he starts to walk away, but I just stand there. There is something about him that feels way too familiar. He gets to the edge of the trees in a few strides and glances back at me. "Oh my god. What is it?" he says, but dosent sound annoyed at all. Almost a little happy that I am still here.

"Nothing." I say and look down at my feet. It is a bad habit that I have whenever I don't know what to say. We stand there for a few minutes doing nothing. "it's just that... You have my dads eyes." I have absolutely no clue where that came from but the second I say it I know it's true. He has the exact same ice blue eyes as my dad did. For the first time, I really look at him. He has dark tan skin and dark brick reddish hair. He actually is pretty good looking - except for those fangs.

He smiles softly "Thanks." he says and looks up at the sky. He turns towards the trees and slowly starts walking. "Oh and Angelina, there's no answers in the ground." he says over his shoulder. He vanishes into the shadows and I'm left standing there just dumbly staring at the trees. I turn and run the whole way home. For the first time I don't feel 100% safe in the woods. They just got a whole lot bigger and scairer.

When I get back to the property line I stop. The last thing he said to me flooded into my mind. He knew my name. I never told him my name. Somehow he knew my name.

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