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Chapter 2

The people who can sit here are basically human spirits, so when Xu Ze suddenly walked in and looked towards Yang Yan, everyone guessed Xu Ze's identity almost instantly.

As for why no one thinks Xu Ze is Yang Yan's friend, the ordinary cheap clothes that Xu Ze wears are enough to prove that Xu Ze's family background is average, not Xie Chengzhou's.

When such a big beauty suddenly appeared, many people looked curious.

One of them asked Yang Yan who the other party was, and the gaze that fell on Xu Ze seemed to be looking at an item and measuring the value of the item.

It was not Yang Yan who just answered, but Xie Chengzhou sitting on Yang Yan's left.

"Xu Ze, an alumnus of Yang Yan School." Xie Chengzhou looked at Xu Ze with great interest, clearly revealing his interest in Xu Ze.

On the other hand, looking at Yang Yan, his eyes were cold, staring at Xu Ze's eyes indifferently, and he didn't seem to like Xu Ze at all.

"Brother Yangs alumni, Ive never seen him before. He looks so handsome, from the art academy?" Most people have a more or less solid notion that most people with good looks are from the art academy. Class colleges are all beautiful.

"It doesn't seem to be, Xu Ze, since you are here, don't stand still. If you don't know, you think we won't let you sit. If you don't mind, sit with me?" Xie Chengzhou looked at Xu Ze with a smile on his face. The prey's playful laugh.

Xu Ze looked towards Yang Yan, the latter's face was pale, and it made people suspect that he might not laugh at all.

Suddenly a hostile look came from Yang Yan, and Xu Ze looked back at Yang Yan's new little lover.

Just now he felt something weird. When he saw the boy's face clearly, Xu Ze knew where the weirdness came from.

The other person's faces are somewhat similar to him, or maybe they have similar features in their appearance.

It seems that Yang Yan personally likes them this type. It looks pure and obedient.

Xu Ze came to guess why Yang Yan suddenly called him. Maybe he didn't want to hear what he had mentioned before. Now Xu Ze guessed the situation.

Yang Yan asked him to come, but Yang Yan didn't say anything. Everyone was sitting, so Xu Ze stood alone, and over there Xie Chengzhou asked Xu Ze to sit next to him, so it should be Xie Chengzhou's meaning.

Xu Ze looked at other places around him, but there were still vacancies, but if he sat elsewhere, it would obviously violate Xie Chengzhou's meaning. It doesn't show face and is not polite.

Xu Ze greeted Xie Chengzhou with a deep gaze and sat down.

Xu Zeyi sat down, and the pouting smile at the corner of Xie Chengzhou's mouth deepened a lot.

"Brother Yan, drink!" Not far from him came a voice that seemed to be deliberately raised. The voice was very clingy. Xu Ze's eyes flickered slightly, like the boy in Yang Yan's arms.

Just when the other party looked over, he raised his eyebrows provocatively at Xu Ze.

It seemed that this person regarded him as an imaginary enemy, Xu Ze didn't immediately turn his eyes, but returned the boy with a friendly smile.

The boy's complexion changed suddenly, and he gave Xu Ze a bitter look.

Xu Ze wanted to say to the other party that I would rest assured that I would not rob you of a man, so I just asked him for half of the abortion fee. After giving it to everyone, everyone will not be in trouble.

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