Hayes Grier

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( ____= your name )
I was hangin out with Hayes Grier and all his friends. Yes THE Hayes Grier. We have been friends for years. Kayden decided that we were gonna play truth or dare. We sat in a circle in the basement.
Nash: who's going to go first ?
Cameron: how about ____ goes first since she's the only girl here ? It's only fair!!
Me: okay fine ... Ummmm Nash truth or dare ?
Nash: hmmmmm Dare!
Me: the next time you see the girl you like you have to kiss her !
Nash: man that's not fair!
Cameron: dude you should have done that a long time ago without having to get dared to do it !!
Hayes: yeah bro !!
Nash: Hayes you don't got any room to talk bro look at you, you can't even tell --
Hayes: DON'T you dare Nash! I will tell her when I want to!
Nash looks over at me and then to Hayes and smiles evily. I give a confused look to Hayes and he shrugs.
Nash: Haaaayyyyeeeessss truth or dare ?
Hayes: dare- truth truth !!
Nash: nope you said dare you have to do dare !!!
Hayes: dammit ....
Nash: get her alone and tell her how you feel? No backing down or we will all her right now!
Hayes: uh um ... Uh ____ ?
Me: uh yes ?
Hayes: w-will you come with me real quick ?
Me: yeah ?
He walks up to his room as all the guys wolf whistle. Hayes turned around, grabbed both my hands, closed the door, then lead me to his bed. Once we sat down he took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes.
Hayes: ____ I- I love you so much... I always have.. You are the most beautiful girl I know, I love the way you bit your lip when you're nervous or embarrassed, you have the most amazing smile I have ever seen. I know you don't like me back because well look at me I'm just Hayes ... I'm not Nash or Cameron... But I had to tell you my feelings.
He looks down at me and frowns getting up to walk away. I grab his wrist and turn him around. I look at his lips and bite mine out of habit. I stand on my tippy toes and smash my lips to his getting an immediate reaction as he sighed and kissed me back. His hands found there way to my waist as he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him and smiled. We both pulled back breathless and smiling.
Hayes: so does this mean ..?
Me: yes dumbass, I love you!!
Hayes: you know how long I have wanted to do this ? I love you so much ____ !!
Me: shut up and kiss me again!!
Hayes bites his lip and leans in and almost kisses me, but is interrupted by the boys walking in on us.
Kayden: damn Hayes get some!!
Nash: so I take it you guys are a thing now ?
Hayes: yes we are ! Now, do you mind ?
Nash: okay okay we will leave bro !!
Cameron throws something at him then closes the door. I look down to see it was a condom and I just laugh.
Hayes: now where did we leave off baby ?
Me: I don't know how about you show me babe ?
He chuckles and leans in kissing me passionately and slowly lays me on the bed pulling away.
Hayes: wanna watch a movie baby ?
Me: yeah !!
He put the movie in, turned out the light and got in bed with me wrapping his arms around me and I leaned into his chest.
Hayes: so since I never officially asked you out ? Will you be my girlfriend ?
I giggled and nodded looking up into his eyes. He leans in and kisses my head.
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