Greyson Chance

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Greyson Chance
Me and Greyson have been best friends since we were kids. Our moms are really close. But I haven't got to see hi in a long time because he's so busy. I'm gonna surprise him tonight. I'm gonna go to his concert that's in the next town over. I had set it all up with his managers and Lisa. I was now in my room picking out a casual outfit. Once I had it on I put sparkley eye shadow on and got my bag and tickets. I had to ask if my best friend Tay could come with me.I got a phone call. I looked down and seen it was Lisa.
I answered.
Me: Hey , Momma Lisa :)
Lisa: Hey sweetheart I just wanted to make sure you were ready?!
Me: yeah I'm ready . But is it okay if I. Bring my friend ? Greyson knows her ..
Lisa: yeah the lay perfectly fine sweety :)
Me: tell everyone I said hi and that I miss them :)
Lisa: okay. I will and I will let you go so you can pick up your friend.
Me: okay bye momma Lisa :)
I ended the call and texted Tay telling her I was on my way.
I told my brother Drew I was ready. He drove to Tay's and honked the horn signaling that we were here and that she better get her but out here. She walked out and ran to the car. She had on a cute floral skirt with a white tank and flats.
Me: heyyyy Tayyyy :)
Tay: hey Rhi :) Hi Drew :)
Drew: Hello Tay :)
My brother and Tay were also best friends . Once we got to the concert we went to our seats and sat and talked until he came out and looked out into the crowd and seen me and smiled really big and waved at us all. He pointed at us and smiled again.
Greyson: hey everyone :) just wanted to let you all know that 3 of my best friends are of there in the crowd. Lets welcome them ;)
The crowd roared and all looked around to look at us and we smiled and waved. I few people asked my brother to sign something of there's and of coarse he did. Then Greyson started to sing and the crowd went almost silent so they could hear him sing. I loved to listen to his voice. It was amazing. This boy can sing !! Tay looked and me and laughed because she knows that I like Greyson. I can't concentrate on anything when he sings. He started to sing my favorite song , You might be the one. He looked at me and smiled while he was singing. He knew that was my favorite song. He looked at me through the whole song. After that he just sung more songs and goofed off. After the concert I walked backstage and looked around for Greyson. I suddenly felt arms around my waist. I turned around and it was Greyson. He looked at me for a minute and I hugged him.
Greyson: I missed you Rhiannon!!
Me: I missed you too :)
He pulled away and smiled widely.
Greyson: do you want to go to your house and have a movie night ?
Me: yeah , but can Tay hang with us too ?
Greyson: well DUHHH !!!
Me: heheh :) so when are we gonna head there ?
Greyson: in a few minutes
We left like 10 minutes later and We all got in the car and jammed to music .Drew let us out and then left to his girlfriends house. When we got to my house we all decided we was gonna watch The Last Exorcism ...
Tay: ooooo scary movie :) Rhi ?
Me: yes Tay ?
Tay: can I invite Cody over ? Pleeeeeeease !!
GreySon: Cody Simpson ?
Tay blushed and nodded. She has the biggest crush on him ;) Cody is also her best guy friend :)
Me: yea I guess you can invite him ;) and yes Greyson we're talkin about Cody Simpson
Greyson: yay my buddy's coming over :D
Tay: he IS MY buddy !!!
Me: he is both of your all's buddy!!
I saw Tay typing away on her phone and then I seen her smile big. Must mean the Cody is coming over. Like 5 minutes later There's a knock on the door and Tay ran over and opened the door revealing Cody Smiling. Tay smiled and hugged him. He smiled wider and hugged her back as he walked in. He looked over and seen Greyson.
Cody: Greyson ! What's up dude?
They did the dude handshake thingy and Cody sits by Tay. We started the movie and it was freaking scary. Tay's head is already buried into Cody's chest and he was holding her. It looked so freaking cute !! I looked at the screen only to see something pop up. I scream and jump up and hide in my cover. I feel Greyson wrap his arms around me. I blush and look at him smiling. I fell asleep I his arms and had a peaceful dream. Until I was woken up by someone picking me up. I opened my eyes to see Greyson carrying me to my room. I close my eyes again and fell back asleep. The next morning I woke up to see Greyson sleeping at the foot of my bed with his legs hanging off the side. I giggled and tried getting up without waking Greyson , but that wasn't successful he opened his eyes and stretched smiling at me. I smiled back.
Greyson: morning :)
Me: Good Morning :D
Greyson: I'm hungry!
Me: lets go get food :)
We both walked downstairs only to see Cody looking at Tay while she was sleeping. They were both in the couch with Cody's arms around Tay. It looked Adorkable !!
Me: Hey Cody !
Cody: hey Rhi.
Me: are you hungry ?
Cody: Duhhhhh !
I laughed and walked into the kitchen and fixed some bacon and biscuits and told them it was ready and I got a plate. I walked to the table. I looked in the living room to see Tay waking up and Cody Kissing her cheek . Tay blushed and looked in the kitchen. She seen the food and ran in here.
Tay: FOOD!!
I heard Cody chuckle.
Me: where did Greyson go ?
Cody: he went upstairs to go call his mom.
Me: okay :)
We all ate and goofed off. We heard Greyson come downstairs.
Cody: hey Greyson
Greyson: hi Cody
Cody: you better get some food before we eat it all !!
Greyson walked over and got a plate. After he got his food he sat down next to me and stared eating. Like 10 minutes later we were all done.
Tay: so what are we gonna do today ?
Me: stay home !
Greyson: why stay home Rhiannon ?
Me: cause I don't wanna do anything , I wanna stay home in my pjs all day!
Greyson: okay
Tay: yay !! Lazy day
Cody chuckled and looked at her smiling. She looked at him and smiled too. Greyson was looking at them also. I nudged him and he looked at me and nodded. OH YEAHHH !!! Were gonna get them together ;)
Me: hey Tay can I talk to you ?
Tay: sure !!
We walked out to the porch.
Me: when are you gonna tell Cody that you like him ?
Tay: when you tell Greyson that you like him !!
Me: ooo clever little girl ... Fine I tell him after you tell Cody!!
Tay: heheh :D okay ;)
We walked in and seen Greyson talking to Cody. He looked over and me and sighed. Cody looked a Tay and smiled. Greyson took my hand and dragged me up to my room.
-Greyson's POV-
Cody told me that I HAD to tell Rhiannon that I've been in love with her for a really long time. I took her hand taking her to her room. I looked at her taking a deep breath.
Me: Rhiannon?
Rhi: yeah Greyson ?
Me: promise me that after I say this you won't freakout?
Rhi: I promise ?
Me: okay ... I like you. Like , really like you. As in more than a friend. I have for a really long time now. i know you don't like me but Cody told me that I HAD to tell you so ...
Rhi: Greyson .....
Me: I know you don't like me back so just ..
Rhi: shush and let me talk Grey ! I like you too. Like , Really Like you Grey :)
She mocked me. I looked over at her and smiled big. I hugged her and kissed her cheek making her blush. 'Aww she was so cute when she blushes !'
Me: so does this mean that your mine now ;)?
Rhi: only if you want me to be
Me: oh yea I want you to be ;) Now I can say your mine !
Rhi: hehehe :) lets go see what Cody and Tay are doing.
We quietly walked to the living room to see Tay and Cody standing close to each other talking. I looked at Rhiannon and nodded. We ran over and pushed them closer causing them to kiss. Tay pulled away blushing and flipping me and Rhi off.
Me: How dare you flip me off !!
Rhi: so are you guys together now ?
Cody: we have been since last night ;)
Rhi: TAYTTUM!!!!!!!!
I chuckled and Tay smile innocently :)

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