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Cold water rushed over my head and I sigh slowly as I let the freezing water take me over.I liked to take cold showers every once in awhile — the sharp coldness felt good against my skin. I held my breath for a moment and let the water run over my face. The pressure was powerful but it didn't affect me even though I was practically drowning myself — I was used to doing this. Sitting or standing under the water until I literally couldn't stand it anymore. If I stayed under too long I would take a sharp inhale and suck water into my lungs before coughing my lungs out. If I stepped back right before my body demanded to suck in a breath then I would feel accomplished. It was a weird game I played with myself, testing my limits. It wasn't just about testing my limits it was also because the feeling of taking cold showers revived me.

    My fingers attempted to run through my wet hair — yanking softly at the knot until they raked through it freely. I stepped out from the harsh spray and inhaled the cold air. My chest ached for only a few seconds before disappearing. I turn the water back up a few degrees and turn on the bathroom heater to warm the room.

    I let the warm shower hit me and my mind flashes to the night. The feeling of Alana's warm body pressed against mine as I fuck her. The way her lips felt dragging down my body before meeting my aching clit. I flash back to the moment her long tongue licked up my wet pussy before she latched her beautiful lips on my clit and sucked hard. My body had arched from the bed in bliss and my hands buried into her hair.

    The memories of the night make me horny in seconds and it takes no time to start rubbing circles on my clit. I lean against the cold bar as I close my eyes and imagine that my hands were her hands. The one pulling at my nipples before snaking to my neck back and forth was her right and the one rubbing at my clit was her left. I'm trying not to moan as I do this but the thoughts of Alana touching me are driving insane.

    I let out one tiny moan as the pleasure begins to build. I'm so wet as I place a finger at my hole to tease the entrance. I can feel her tongue inside of me, fucking me hard until my legs shake and she takes me higher to cloud 9. But my brain knows it's not real, knows the hands running over my body are only mine and not hers. The build up begins to go away and I let myself go. Frustrated and horny, that's what I was going to before today. Masturbation was never my strong suit unless I had a really good toy, most of the time I was left without the bliss of an orgasm.

    I tapped on the wall and turned off the shower. The pressure receded slowly before turning off completely. I was wide awake from the cold shower but the warm shower had massaged my aching muscles. And besides the failed orgasm, it had been a lovely shower.

    Wrapping the towel around my body, I stepped from the shower before squeezing the water out of my hair with a warm towel. After drying my hair as best I could, I pin it up into a bun and walk over to the sink before beginning to brush my teeth.

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