Austin Mahone

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Austin Mahone
My big brother is Alex Constancio.( I'm 15 ) Yes , THE Alex Constancio. We had more of a best-friend relationship than a Brother-Sister relationship. His best friend Austin Mahone was coming over today. I've always had a little bit of a crush on him. Okay, so I had a HUDGE crush on him. But what would a guy like him want to do with a girl like me ? I got dressed in blue shorts with frays in them and a purple love pink shirt. I went down stairs and made a bowl of cereal and sat in the living room. When I was done I put the bowl In the sink and sat on the couch again. I flipped through the channels until I heard the front door open. I looked to see Austin. He seen me and smiled big.
Austin: hey Tay :)
Me: hi Austin !
Alex came down the stairs and did the little guy hand shake thingy. Alex looked at me and gave me a look as if saying ' I know you like Austin ! ' like he knows something. I looked at him confusingly. He just laughed and winked. I looked at him confusingly. She waved his hand motioning that he'd tell me later. He walked with Austin to his room. I walked up stairs to my bed room and called Rhiannon.
Me: Heyyy :)
Rhi: hey what's up ?
Me: nothing .. You wanna come over ? I need someone to talk to!!
Rhi: let me guess .. Austin's over ?
Me: yeah ... I think Alex knows ..
Rhi: how !?!
Me: idk! while him and Austin did the dude Hand shake thing and he winked and gave me a look as if saying 'I know your little secret!'
Rhi: oooo Alex is on too you !!
Me: yerp! Just hurry up and get your butt over here !! I'm bored !
Rhi: okay okay ! I'm on my way !
I hung up the phone and went to Alex's room. I knocked and then walked in. Alex looked at me annoyed.
Me: dude just thought I'd let you know that your girlfriend is coming over :)
He blushed when I said girlfriend because he knows I'm talking about Rhi. They aren't really dating he just has a HUGE crush on her.
Alex: she's not my girlfriend..
Me: you love her like she is ;)
Alex: say one more word about it and I will tell HIMM you like em.
Me: who are you talkin about ?
Alex: oh little sis you know who I'm talking about!!
Me: I never told you who i like ?
Alex: I caught on sweetheart ;)
Me: ugh !! Your so mean !! :(
I stomped out of the room listening to Alex an Austin laugh. I shut the door and walked downstairs right in time because I heard a knock. I opened the door to see Rhi. I let her in and shut the door.
Me: yea umm , Alex knows ...
Rhi: :O !!
Me: yeah but that's okay .. Cause if he try's to tell I'm gonna tell his little secret ;)
Rhi: hahaha :) so why are we gonna do ?
Me: lets go in my room and listen to Alex and Austin's conversation ;)
We went upstairs to my room and sat on my bed. I turned on music so Alex wouldn't suspect anything. We leaned are ears against the wall and heard them talking.
Alex: dude my sister likes you !!
Omfg I'm so gonna kill him!! Oh we'll I will just tell Rhi later.
Austin: does she really ?
I could tell he was smiling.
Alex: yeah ! I can tell by the way she acts around you ! And I know you like her too!!
Austin: w-what I I don't like Tay ... What are you talking about ?..
He sounded nervous. I can't freaking believe Austin likes me!!
Alex: dude ! Don't deny it! ..
Austin sighed.
I backed away from the wall and looked at Rhi. She looked at me and smiled.
Me: okay since Alex told my secret ... ALEX IS IN LOVE WITH YOU RHIANNON !!
Rhi: why'd you --
I heard my door slam open and I seen
Alex. I laughed and looked at Rhi who was blushing and looking down. Alex came over to me.
Alex: why did you tell her ? And why did you yell.
Me: cause you told Austin ! An so you could hear me tell her.
Alex: how did you hear us?
Me: these walls aren't very thick you know .....
Alex walked over to Rhi and took her hand walking her down stairs. I started cracking up. I looked up to see Austin starring at me in the door way. I stopped laughing and I gulped. He walked over and sat next to me.
Austin: so uh you heard Mine and Alex's conversation ?
Me: yeah .. I did ..
Austin: what all did you hear ?
Me: up until Alex said that you couldn't deny that you liked me ...
Austin sighed and burrowed his yea in my pillow on my bed and mumbled something.
Austin: so .. Yeah I like you ..... Was Alex telling the truth when he said you like me ?
I looked down and played with my hands.
Me: yeah ......
Austin lifted my chin up and moved his hand to my cheek and kissed me. I kissed him back. He moved his other hand to my cheek and I moved mine to his chest. I pulled away from the kiss.
Austin: awwww !! I can make Tay blushhh ;)
Me: shut up !!
Austin: so how was your first kiss;)?
Me: oh it was amazing :)
Austin: so does this mean that I can call you mine ?
Me: only if you want to :)
Austin: your my baby girl :)
I giggled and leaned on his shoulder.
We walked downstairs to see Alex and Rhi kissing.
Alex pulled away and glared at Austin.
Alex: Shut the H311 up Mahone!
Austin just laughed.

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