Andrew Constancio

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Austin Mahone is my big brother. yea Austin Mahone is MY brother. Me and Andy.C. have been friends since we were babies. Our moms our like sisters, but I'm glad they aren't because I'm in love with Andrew and that would just be weird. Anyways right now I'm in his room waiting on him to get out of the shower. I hear Andy's door open and I turn and see Alex .
Me: what do ya need Alex?
Alex: I came to tell you something that Andrew told me not to :)
Me: and what would that be ?
Alex: Andrew is in L- He was interrupted by Andrew tackling him. Hold on- Andrew doesn't have a shirt on. Oh my ...
Me: what the frick ?
Andy: me and Alex need to have a little talk ... outside
Me: okay then ... I wonder what that was all about ??
They walked outside the bedroom. I sat on the bed and played on my IPhone.
-Andrew's pov-
I'm so gonna kill Alex.
Me: dude what the - beeeeep - was that ?
Alex: I was gonna tell her your little secret because I know she likes you back.
Me: I didn't want you to tell her and she does not ....
Alex: whatever .. You need to tell her though , Sarah even said you needed to .
Me: I will tell her soon Alex !
Alex: No you will tell her NOWW !!! He open the door and pushed me in the room. I glared at him and he smiled , winked , and closed the door. I looked over at Tay and saw her facing the window. I walked over to the bed sat down and wrapped my arms around her her waist and sat my head on her shoulder watching her play temple run. I heard her giggle.
Tay: Andyyy what are you doinggg ?
Me: just watching you play temple run.
She laughed and pushed my head back a little so she could turn around and face me. She looked down at my chest at back up. Oh yeah I forgot I don't have a shirt on .. Ops . I looked at her and she was blushing with her head down slightly so she thinks I couldnt see. But I can , I can see her cute blush; her beautiful blue eyes; her soft golden hair; and her slight smile. She is just so beautiful ... I guess I have to tell her now .. stupid Alex.....She looked at me with a smile on her beautiful face.
Tay: Andy are you okay ??
Me: huh-what- yeah sorry I just need to tell you something .. Please don't get mad at me
Tay: it's okay Andy you can tell me anything you need to and I promise I won't get mad at you
Me: okay .. Iminlovewithyoutay
Tay: say that a little slower please. I can't understand what you said.
Me: I have been for a while now. At first it was just a little crush .. Then I - I started to get this feeling every time your around. I know you won't love me back but I just had to tell you.
Tay: Andrew - I -
Me: I knew you didn't like me back. Alex just had to make me tell --
Tay: Andrew just shut up and kiss me already . I looked at her and she smiled at me. I pulled her up so that she was sitting right in front of me and I put my hands back around her waist and started to lean in slowly and closed my eyes
- Tay's pov-
Me: Andrew just shut up and kiss me already. He looked over at me nervously and I gave him a small smile. He sat us up to where I was right in front of him. And wrapped his arms around me giving me butterflies. He started leaning in closing his eyes and I did the same. Soon our lips melted giving me more butterflies and tingles on my lips. There was fireworks and bombs ... It was just amazing . His arms tightened around my waist pulling me closer. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away and left our foreheads together. We stayed like that for a while on the bed with our foreheads together staring into each others eyes. He pulled back and took my hands in his.
Andrew: Tay will you be my reason to breath ?
Me: yes Andy !! Forever
Andrew: and Always :)
Voices: YES FINALLY !!!!!
Me and Andy walked over to his door opening it to see Alex, Austin and the rest of the crew .
Robert: why doesn't Andrew have a shirt on Tayyyy *he said moving his eye brows up and down*
Me: ummm .. I blushed and looked down.
Austin: aww my little sister is blushing. He ruffled my hair.
Me: omg Austin shut up !!!
Austin: so Andrew ... You hurt her in anyway possible I will kick you into next week. Just saying don't hurt my little sister .
Andrew: I get it. I would never even dream of hurting such a beautiful girl like Tay :)
Me: thank you Alex I gave him a huge hug joined with everyone else in the crew.
That's how me and Andrew
Constancio got together.

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