Niall Horan

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Imagine ( Niall )
It was the middle of winter and it was really cold out side. You decided to go your best friend Harry styles house. You went up to the door and knocked on it. You hear feet shuffling and 'ILL GET IT HARRY!!' .. It was Niall you knew his voice from anywhere. He opened the door and pulled you in for a Horan hug. You hugged back and blushed a little. Then stepped into the house.
Niall:Hey YN !!
You: uh h-hi Niall
You was still very cold from where you walked all the way over to Harry's house and it was like 10 below 0 out side.
Niall: hey YN why dont you go up to Harry's room and get warm while I make all of us hot coco?
You: t-th-thanks Niall
Niall: Anytime YN
You blushed and ran upstairs to Harry's room to find him in a chair on twitter.
Harry: YYYYNNNN!!!! Wait did you walk ALL the way over here!
Harry: oh my you must be freezing
You:NiAll told m-me to come up here and get warm while he makes us all hot coco
Harry:you have to tell him you like him YN
You: I I I I can't Harry .. I know he won't likeme back I don't want to ruin our friend ship!
Harry:don't be nervous YN just tell him for me please ?
He have you the puppy dog look. Oh god no one can resist that face!!
You:Finnnnne but If our friendship gets ruined I blame it on you !!
You went to the kitchen and seen Niall putting marsh mellows in the coco , turned around so that he couldn't see you. You went over to him and poked his hips.
Niall:AAHHHH ! Holy fudge YN you scared the living heck outta me!!
You: Te he he :)
Niall turns around all the way and looks you in the eyes. It stays like that for a minute before he leans in and crashes his lips to yours gentle and sweet but giving you time to pull away if you want. He slowly wraps his arms around your waist and you wrap yours around his neck. After a few minites he pulls away slowly.
You:I I uh I. Think I lm in love with y you Niall. ....
Niall: YN I know I'm in love with you. I have been ever since I first saw you in kinder . .. You are amazing and beautiful and your smile lights up the whole room and your just perfect to me .. Will you be my princess ?
You:Yes Niall I will if you promise to be my prince ..
Niall: One and only babe
He grabs your hand And gets y'all's hot coco and notice Harry standing there with his phone ..
You: did you record this ?
Harry: maybeeeee
He smiles innocently and walks away as you and Niall sip your coco and head towards the couch.

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