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Days passed. And months passed.

And the two were inseparable. Always by the other's side. Their friendship grew, and every one around the city who knew them didn't know such a friendship existed amongst them.

But of course it existed. Friendship could be in many forms. And every friendship existed in many different beautiful ways.

But before they were friends they were known as the quiet strangers.

But of course as the two became closer and closer both became more and more curios of each other.

Wondering how one felt physically and emotionally.

And then one night he was able to know just exactly how she felt about him.

    After being invited for dinner and a little telly watching, she came without a doubt. This was her fifth time visiting his apartment. It was a pretty large apartment as well. And it was always tidy and cozy when she came. And she always wondered if this is how it always looked like if she wasn't even around.

The arrangements of his apartment looked wonderful. Everything looked natural, like it was meant to belong in an exact position.

His apartment had white elegant walls with red curtains that draped down and parted to reveal the city and its lights. The kitchen was more like a kitchenette but he had everything, all things tidied up. He was all set to live independently.

He had three rooms, one for him, a guest room and his work room. He'd told her that he was studying to become a journalist, and that his work room was filled with so many papers that they could fill up the entire building.

That night when she came he brewed coffee for two. And then they drank coffee for the night and ate dinner which he had prepared.

And as usual she felt flattered. Her heart beating in an unusual pattern. And later in the night just as he requested for her to come over for, they watched a little of the telly together.

The telly he had was better than the one she had at home. It's sound system crackling once and a while but other than that it was perfect. It's programs providing popular shows.

They settled on the warm cushion couch facing the television, her heart feeling like it would burst into butterflies any second.

   But in the morning it was his heart that burst into butterflies after all, as he woke to her head lying on his chest.

  Their breathing was in sync with each other. He gaped at her little hands that lay beside her head and flat on his chest as well. Their feet were tangled together towards the end of the couch, where the window five feet away from them was glistening with sunlight.

  He hoped that she couldn't hear how his heart was beating like. Because he knew for sure that it sounded nothing like a regular beating heart.

   For a few more minutes he watched her silently sleep. And he couldn't help but fall for her features over and over again.

     Closed eyes and bow lips. And he wondered how her lips tasted like. But held back knowing they were nothing more than friends.

    And so with regret in his voice he decided to wake her from her peaceful slumber.

    She stirred a little but nothing more. And as she stirred even more she could hear her name being called. She heard a faint and deep voice. A male's voice. His voice.

    And with shock, her eyes shot open only to find a shocked expression on his face.

   Her lips casted apologies towards him as she slid off of him.

  And he tried his best to ensure her that no apologies were needed.

   But nothing changed her decision in rambling apologies and taking her belongings before heading out the door, as swift as the wind.

    And moments have gone by and he sat on the couch wondering why the comfort and curiosity he felt towards her disappeared into the thin air of silence she had left behind.

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