Chpater Nine: 3 days later

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James has his stuff by the door, Tyler standing by it, waiting for us to finish our goodbyes.
"Don't go." I whisper, trying not to cry.
"I have to, but I'll be back before you know it." He kisses my nose and hugs me again.
"James, we gotten leave in five minutes." Tyler says, breaking us apart.
"I've let you and Dakota do this all the time. Go outside and wait there." James says, looking angry. "Baby, I'm gonna miss you so much." He says once Tyler is outside, his eyes soft again.
"I am too." We talked the other day about the fact that there's a chance that he might not be here for the birth, but he'd try to be on a skype call when it happens.
"I love you. More than anything. I promise you I'm gonna try to come back." He says, kissing my forehead.
"I know. Try to be here." I say, watching him pick up his bag and head for the door.
"I will be." He says, and walks out the door, closing it behind him. I start crying, sinking to the ground.
"It's gonna be ok. He'll be back before you know it."
"This is not what every girl wants when she's pregnant." I mumble, looking up at her.
"I know. It's gonna be ok. You guys survived the last time he was gone."
"I got raped." I say.
"He came back. And stayed." She says.
"When I was little and I thought about growing up, I pictures myself having a husband and that when I was pregnant I'd be on the couch with him, rubbing my feet and eating ice cream." She laughs.
"That's what every girl wants. But you trade that for an actual man that's gonna protect you and he's never gonna leave you." She sits down next to me and wraps her arm around my shoulders.
"Mommy?" Dakotas daughter Malia asks, coming out of my room.
"Yea baby." She asks, reaching out to pick her up.
"Where's daddy?" She asks.
"He left." She says simply. Malia is three years old and looks exactly like Tyler. "He'll be back soon though. I promise." She says.
"Why does he have to leave." She asks.
"He's protecting you. And he's doing it so no bad guys can hurt you." Malia nods and gets up from Dakotas lap.
"Jeez, I'm gonna have to do that soon." I say, looking at my stomach.
"Do you guys know if it's a boy or girl?" She asks.
"Yea. A little boy." I say smiling.
"Awe! That's gonna be so adorable."
"I know. I'm scared to lose my body." I say, looking down.
"Hey, don't worry about that. I'm having another kid soon too." she says.
"You're pregnant too?" I ask shocked. She nods.
"Almost a months. I told Tyler last night. And we got into a huge fight."
"About what? Why?" I ask.
"Well he's got like four more years and he wants to sign up again after that and he doesn't want another kid to leave and possibly make fatherless."
"Oh." I say. "I'm sorry." She shrugs.
"We'll get through it. He'll come around soon." I nod and head to the kitchen for some food.
I'm three months pregnant, and my belly is finally starting to show. James and I are still figuring most of the stuff out because it was a big surprise.
"Haley, I'm gonna go, I need to get Malia in her bed so she can take a better nap." Dakota says, coming in with Malia in her arms.
"Ok. I'll see you later then." She leaves, so I look at the fridge. The ultrasound pictures are there. Two of them. I wanted to put them in a photo album, but he wanted them out in the open.
I'm gonna miss him like hell through this pregnancy. But as long as he's gonna be doing what he loves, I'm ok with it.
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