The Present Day

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Hi guys! I am Notableone and this is my first story. I have been writing for a couple of years now and have published couple of short stories on Amazon.

I wanted to give it a try in wattpad and here I am with a story.

I have just written 150 words and do tell me how is my writing style. All kinds of feedbacks are welcome.

Follow me and support me. Have planned to write many Stories. It's just a small first step. Be with me so that I can reach the top.



"Botham, oh! Botham", sheela in a sweet voice knocks the door of Botham's room.

Botham, who was asleep got disturbed by the knocking sound and the voice of his mother. Botham tried to cover his ears but wasn't able to sleep as her mother was still at the door,knocking it.

"What is it mom?", Botham replied in frustration after woking up.

"Open the door sweet heart".

"Can't you let me sleep for some more    time? ",  Botham opens the door.

"Thank god, honey do you realise what time of day it is?"

"Is there anybody coming home? ".


"Is there any schedule to go out?".


"Then please, please let me sleep", Botham shuts the door and went back to his work.

Sheela walks back from the stairs and went on to sat near Aryan who was watching TV and smiles a little bit when sheela sat near him and took a long breath.

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