Dirty Austin , Alex, and you threesome

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Austin's mom was throwing a Congrats party for him because he just released his new single, 'Say your just a friend'.

She told you and Austin to go to the store to get the food. She invited 200 people so you had to get lots of food.

You and Austin arrive and grab a cart. Austin, being lazy and kinda funny, sits in the cart while you push. This draws attention. You didn't think people would notice him because he had his Hood up and sunglasses but those Mahomies definitely noticed. Girls started chasing us through the store and then Austin hopped out of the cart, grabbed your hand and ran to the next isle. The girls ran right past you two.

"That was close!" you said.

"Yeah it was! Oh my God, look where we are!" Austin says. you look around and this is the isle with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries.

"Yum! We should get some!" you say.

You grab a little bit of everything. you sneak around the corners and grab everything else you need for the party, check out, and leave.

When you both arrive at Austin's house, his mother isn't there. She left a note that said,

I will be back in 3 hours. I'm running errands before the party! Don't do anything stupid! I'm trusting you! Lots of love, Mom.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Says Austin with a smirk.

"Um it depends!" you laugh.

He grabs the chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries and carries them to his room.

You follow, being curious.

"Lay down!" he orders.

"Babe, we can't eat this stuff without ice cream!" you say.

"I was thinking you could be my ice cream!" he smirks.

aHe lays you down on his bed and removes your top and pants. He unclasps your bra. His eyes widen as he eyes your huge tits. He grabs the whipped cream and sprays it on your chest. Then he adds chocolate syrup and the sprinkles. Finally, he finishes it off with 2 cherries on each breast.

Then he hovers over you. He begins to slowly lick the sweets off your boobs. You moan. He sucks off all the whipped cream and chocolate and sprinkles. He finally gets to the cherry and gives it to you. You eat both of them.

Then he begins sucking on your sweet spot and starts leaving love bites down your neck to your stomach. He stops at your lace underwear and slowly pulls them down with his teeth. He grabs your thighs and spreads them. He grabs the can of whipped cream once more and sprays some over your vaj. He then begins sucking all of it off your clit. then he enters 3 fingers and begins pumping them in and out, faster and faster while still sucking. You close your eywa and tgrow your head back in pleasure. You were fixing to hit your climax when someone comes into the room. Austin freezes and turns around. You open your eyes.

Its Alex. Shit!

to be continued

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