I winced as he forcefully grabbed my hips, pushing me up against the brick wall.

"W-who are you?" I choked out. His grip on my waist tightened, making the pain much greater. Who was he? What was he doing to me?

The deep voice chuckled. "I could say so may things." My attacker lent down, his hot breath tickling my ear. "Your worst nightmare, all that shit, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." I could feel cheek on mine, it was an abnormal temperature, it was freezing cold.

"What do you want from me?" I shouted at him. I could only make out some of his features. Curly hair, tightly bound ringlets. Blood red eyes, bright and frightening. His canine teeth were replaced with sharp fangs, that looked as if they could slice through anything in its path.

His fingers stroked my neck, circling the same spot, over and over again. "Don't worry, baby girl. You won't feel a thing."

The human looking creature opened his mouth wide and lowered it down to my neck. I could feel his teeth grazing my jugular vain.

"Please don't!" I spoke loud, loud enough to make him startle.

He laughed and backed away. I could see his face now, despite the dark alley we were hidden away in. He was... I didn't know how to describe it. Beautiful. He was beautiful.

"But I have to." He paced back and forth ahead of me.

I grinned cause I could see my chance at escape.

"People always say those things. 'Who are you', 'Why are you doing this', 'Please don't kill me'."

My attacker was facing the dead end of the alley, I looked the other way, the street lights shone bright, my heart beat quickened as I sprinted towards the road.

I breathed in relief as I made it to the sidewalk.

Suddenly, the immortal landed in front of me, I let out an ear piercing scream, as he neared me.

"And they always try to run." He continued. This time, he did not take any risks, he grabbed me violently, sinking his fangs into my neck.

I moved my hands to his shoulders, trying to push him off, but he was too strong. A whimper escaped my lips as I began to feel light headed.

My knees gave way and I fell into the creatures arms.

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