gabbi pov  


What he did that shocked me he said ’’ would you like to be friend with benefits ’’ I looked at him like he was crazy and replied ‘’ not even if you were the last male species on earth’’.  I stood up and walked out of the office, three weeks after that,  I got a call saying that I got the DAMN job.

    On Monday which was my first day of the job at L’amore company. I was late and I mean really late. I had to talk to Mr. jackass /cocky  Bomer,  and guess what,  all the time he talked to me he didn’t even look at me.  

            On Tuesday I was also late, I had to talk to Mr. Bomer  again, I entered his office and sat on the sofa. Yep, you heard me his office was like my bedroom and was as big as my apartment, his office consisted of two large sofas and one medium sofa.  

                One of the sofas could be turned into a bed.       I could just imagine me on the sofa/bed; "making out with Matt" (which turned out to be Mr. Bomer’s  first name), "him kissing me and all of the sudden,  taking my clothes off; him looking at me like a lion looking at a piece of fresh meat, me trying to suck on his…" I fantasied; just before I could think of something else Mr. Bomer  was standing next to me.    

          ‘’ We need to have a serious talk about you being late to work ’’ he said in a serious voice, ’’um, yeah it’s just that my  apartment is really far away ’’ I said back to him, ’’ Oh, ok, but you just started coming to work, and I just wanted to make sure it won’t happen again’’ he stated.    

             "Yeah, please don’t fire me, I mean I trying, I really need this job to pay off my bills, apartment rent and a lot of other stuff’’ I said back to him. ’’ Well, I’ll have to consider this ’’he said back with a smirk on his face…. ” Damn, he’s was really enjoying this, smug bastard.” I was now pissed.

               ’’Look,  I have to wake up at 4:00 am in the morning to get here in time and it takes me 3 hours to drive here;  my apartment is 3 months behind on  payments  and if I don’t pay all my bills by next week I won’t have any water, lights, or a place to live at so I would like it if you wipe that smirk off your face or I would love to do it Mr. Bomer.’’ I said back to him in a ‘I’m mad, so bitch you do not want to get on my last nerve’ my tone of voice.

  ‘’ Look,  I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was that bad. ’’ Said Mr. Bomer, ’’my house is only 30mins away from here and I think you should move in.” he said, not a question but, with a command in his voice, so I didn’t have a way to say no….. ” What do I have to lose anyway …..Seriously, I needed a place to stay…..anyway how bad could it be to live with your BOSS AND CRUSH?” I thought to myself.


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