Chapter 45~Escaping

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Naruto and the others were engulfed in a very tensed situation, wherein each gave a murderous glare. Sakura Haruno’s breathing became heavier as she gulped. Both of her friends turned their heads to see her, as they ran towards her direction to examine if she’s hurt or what.

“S-Sakura-chan, are you okay? Are you hurt?!” Naruto asked, concerned was written all over his face.

Sasuke frowned, “Tell us if you’re not feeling good,”

Sakura gave a weak smile, “I’m okay.”

When she was kidnapped, she also bear wounds and bruises that came from these filthy Akatsuki jerks. Sasuke and Naruto shot Itachi and Kisame—as well as Zetsu—an angry expression. Yes, they might be disappointed with what Sakura’s done and how she lied, but she was their friend. Of course, they’d be really concerned.

“Damn this,” Naruto mumbled, “What the hell do you bastards want with Sakura-chan?!”

Kisame smirked, “Oh, don’t worry, she’s not the one we’re after.”

Sasuke frowned with Kisame’s reply, in which Naruto answered, too. “Then who are you after for?!”

Itachi scoffed, and Zetsu smirked evilly.

Kisame just narrowed his eyes at the jinchuuriki, “You.”


“I-I swear! T-They were bad guys! They were wearing black cloaks with red cloud marks. T-They’re the ones who kidnapped Sakura!”

Shikamaru placed his palm on his forehead, “We already know that, Ino. Calm down.”

Ino and Shikamaru went to the Hokage’s office, since they were called. Ino was telling some information to the Hokage since she was the one who witnessed how Sakura was kidnapped. ANBUs were already on the move and some jounins were also trying to find the missing girl.

“Ino…did you recognize their faces?” Hiruzen asks.

Ino sighed, “N-No. Their faces were covered but like what they ANBU said, they were called the Akatsuki, Hokage-sama.”

“Yes, they’re the Akatsuki. By the way, Shikamaru…” the boy beside Ino looked at the Hokage, “where are Naruto and Sasuke?”


An ANBU bursted through the doors that cut Shikamaru’s sentence.

“Hokage-sama, we just received a letter from Kakashi-senpai. He went out with the others to find his team. And…Naruto Uzumaki left Konoha to find Sakura Haruno. Sasuke Uchiha set off, too.”


She knew that for the very first moment, Sasuke and Naruto made the wrong choice—and probably the worst decision. She knew that they didn’t stand a chance towards these men in front of her. This thought made her weep more. Aside from the fact that they can get killed, she also realized that even if she made a total fool out of them, they would still care for her.

Naruto recklessly charged at the Akatsuki men with his kunai, with a furious expression on his face. Zetsu and Itachi just doged his attacks, and threw the kunai away from the blonde’s hand. That was when Sasuke also decided to battle and fight. 

Itachi stared at them as they tried to attack. When they panted for air, the older Uchiha activated his Sharingan and put both Naruto and Sasuke in a genjutsu. The two suddenly became shaky and obviously, they were stucked in their place.

Sakura knew that she has to do something. With her arms shaking, she picked up the displaced kunai of Naruto that Itachi threw and carefully removed the tight knot of the ropes on her arms. 

Itachi was busy punishing those two and Zetsu and Kisame were just watching. She knew that it was the perfect time to finally do a move.

As she cut the ropes, she remembered, “Shit, I’m out of chakra.”

She acted like there was still rope behind her until she realize that Sasuke managed to stop the continuation of the genjutsu. Once that the trap stopped, Sakura stood up from her seat and grabbed her teammates. Before the members stopped them, a loud boom erupted.

“More Leaf pests,” Kisame uttered.

The ANBU has arrived.

But that didn’t stop Sakura and her teammates from running. They hurriedly went out of the hideout but they knew that Kisame and Itachi were going to chase them, since the ANBU can’t hold them for long.

As they neared the forest, the three sat exhaustedly. 

“Sakura-chan, next time you get kidnaped, please tell us right away, alright?” Naruto jokingly said.

“How can I tell you that you should save me if I am kidnapped?!” Sakura answered. The two laughed like they used to. They stopped when Naruto smiled.

“It’s good to know that you’re okay.” he said and Sasuke nodded- meaning, he agreed that he was also relieved that Sakura is still okay.

Sakura gave a weak smile, “Look guys, I’m sorry for making such a fool at of you both. I was sick that time and I just...I was just worried that time.” She looked at Naruto and Sasuke, who were both looking on the ground.

“I was worried because I might never get to be asked again. And I was so confused. I didn’t know who I really liked. I was a real idiot. I-I’m sorry.” she added.

Naruto gave a sad smile. “No worries, I’m not that person to hold a grudge to someone I love.”

Sakura’s cheeks heated up. But when she looked at Sasuke, he was looking at another direction. She was gonna ask, but she was caught off guard when Naruto hugged her.

“So this is where you were hiding.”

She knew that familiar voice so well; that she pushed Naruto away and saw that Sasuke wasn’t in his place anymore, he was in front of the Akatsuki member.

And he was already covered in blood because of Kisame’s Samehada.


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