This was requested by @TheIcarusAlchemist

Thanks for your request :) 


Watson joined the chatroom 

Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson- Sherlock, come on! I want to take you clothes shopping! 

Sherlock- I strongly object. 

 Watson- We need to get rid of that coat. What about this *Holds up a colourful tie*

Sherlock- *Glares at it* No 

Watson- You are still meeting me. Remember we told Mary that we were getting some socks before the wedding. I need to actually get some! 

Sherlock- Fine. Let's go and then you owe me. Murder case tomorrow. NO EXCUSES! Don't you ever threaten my coat. I love that coat. 

Watson- It is only a coat!

Sherlock- What if I threatened your laptop. Yes.... If you don't come with me on a murder case, I will throw away your laptop.

Watson- Okay, okay! Don't touch my laptop and I won't touch your coat.... Just meet me now! 

Watson left the chatroom 

Sherlock- Yes.... 


Hope you enjoyed their rabble. Men and their toys XD 

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