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After class was over Y/n stayed at in her seat ,Professor Riddle walked towards her and took a seat in front of her.

"What was so important that you had to be so late to my class Ms.Black?"

"Like I said it's none of your business"

"Well since you arent telling me,I'll have to punish you"

"What are you going to do? Send me to azkaban?Give me and F?Tell Dumbledore,because that won't do anything to me"

"Well Ms.Black this is a different punishment,I want you to come back later at 11pm sharp and if you decide to not show up or be late then I'll make your punishment worse"

"Whatever can I leave now?"

"Yes but be here,11pm sharp"

Y/n walked out of the classroom and headed to the common room where
her friends waited for her there.

"So what happens with Riddle"
Pansy smirked

"He said hes going to punish me"

"Omg what kind of punishment"

"Well pansy I dont know,he'll probably tell Dumbledore or something,I'll have to meet him later for it"

Y/n started getting ready for dinner,her and her friends were on there way to the great hall with smiles on their face until Y/n bumped into someone and before she can even look at the person

"Watch where you're going"

"Oh Ms.Black it's great to see you again"

Its Riddle y/n bumped in,y/n walked off with her friends before Riddle could grab her wrist.They continued walking to the great hall and sat down at the slytherin table and Riddle walked in after 5 minutes but y/n didnt even bother looking him,when he sat down she felt this weird feeling like someone was staring at her,she looked and saw Riddle,they made eye contact soon what felt like forever,she finally looked away and went back to talking to her friends.

"What did Riddle do to you,you've been acting strange since you left his class"

"Yeah I agree with Pansy you've been really quiet"

"If he did something to you I'll kill him"

"Guys I'm find I'm just not feeling it today and Blaise you dont have to kill him jet"

Y/n walked out of the great hall and back to the common room and sits in front of the fireplace,everyone comes to the common room,she realizes its 10:50pm and everyone was pass curfew for taking their time eating dinner.
Y/n walked to DADA classroom,she goes to the classroom and its empty and dosnt see Riddle. She takes a sat in front of the room,and she hears the door open.

"Ms.Black you're early"

"Yeah I just want this over with"

"Well I think we'll be taking a very long time" he says smirking as he locks the door and casts a spell under his breath.

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