Best Friends

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"Pssst, Tomi."


"We've been best friends since we were kids, right?"


"Oh come on, you meanie! I'm asking a real question here! T^T"

Hitomi chuckles. "We were barely kids back then."

"Oh. Right. Anyway, that's a lot of years, right?"

"...Yes. Why are you asking me these questions you can answer yourself?"

"Because!" Minjoo leans closer, her arm finding its way around Hitomi's shoulders. Her other hand reaches to Hitomi's view, holding up her phone that shows an article. "According to this article, if we have been friends for more than 7 years, then it's likely that we will be together for a long, long time!" Minjoo grins. "Maybe even forever!"

Hitomi only stares at her blankly, unimpressed.

Minjoo doesn't notice.

"I'd say we will trascend time itself!" She continues pompously. "We've been bestfriends since forever! Honestly, I don't remember the time when we're not even friends."


Minjoo tears up as she retracts her hands, stricken at the cold reaction she receives from her alleged bestfriend. "W-Why are you looking at me like that?!" She shakily asks her. "Am I just a friend to you, Tomi?! We have matching everything! Matching glasses—"

"That's mine."

"—matching hair—"

"We have different shades of brown."

"—matching grades—"

"Okay, that one is right."

"—and matching underwear!"


"The point is!" Minjoo sighs dramatically. Then, she leans forward again, gripping Hitomi's clothes as she pulls her closer. Too closer until the tip of their nose nearly bumped each other. "Why do you not react well?!"

Hitomi squints her eyes. Looking ready to throw down with her.

"One, your face is too close."

"Two, your voice is too loud."

"Three, you are making everyone misunderstand, idiot!"

Minjoo turns away, and now she fully hears the murmurs of the people inside the canteen. Some are giggling while pointing at them, some are looking disappointed, and some have unexplainable expressions.


"Yes. Again."

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