The Rose Pendant (3)

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When I woke up I didn’t remember where I was. Don’t you hate that? You expect to be in one place, but your not, and then everything comes flashing back to you. Let me tell you, that part sucked. I was in my new room, at my new school, with my new life. My new life sucked seeing as how I had officially spent my first whole day as a vampire shut up in my room.

Storm was so pissed that he had to share a room with me that I was afraid for my safety. He destroyed the pretty white living room and it needed to be refurnished. The T.V hadn't even stood a chance...

And I thought that becoming a vampire would have some awesome cool perks like super strength or speed? Yeah well not exactly. Seth explained to me that only male vampires have powers; some females had heightened senses but that was about it. Isn’t that so unfair?

He said that female vampires were very important though. Although we don’t have powers, only women with vampire genes can give birth to a vampire. A mortal woman would die in child birth. So basically he was saying that I’m still just as pathetic as when I was human. On the positive side because I’m a girl I don’t have to drink blood to keep my powers strong.

I heard the front door slam leaving me all alone in the dorm. Thank God I needed a shower! Grabbing my shower bag and ipod deck, I hurried to the bathroom. When the water was steaming I cranked my music and stepped in. Geez it felt so good. I hadn’t taken a shower since the day my parents died.

I was all sweaty and nasty because I had been life guarding. The air in the pool gets so hot that I always leave stinking of B.O. and chlorine. I didn't help that I had cried for 24 hours straight, so I was probably covered in snot.

Then I had to get on a plane and cross the ocean. That’s scary stuff and I was so nervous that I sweat buckets. I bet everyone on the plane could smell me. And then there was Strom. He made me nervous in more then one way if you know what I mean. Even thinking about him made me perspire, so showering was a must.

When the hot water turned cold I stepped out and dried off. All of a sudden it hit me. Some luscious smelling scent drifted under the door and up into my nose. What the heck was it? Nothing had ever smelt so good before! I needed to get out of the bathroom and find the source of the smell.

I looked on the counter for my clothes. Oh crap! I thought to myself. I had left my clothes in my room. Hopefully Strom wasn’t back yet so I wrapped my towel tightly around me and opened the bathroom door.

God how wrong I was. Not only was storm sitting in our newly furnished living room, but there was four other guys sitting on the couch watching the new T.V. Everyone looked up when I opened the door. Storm snickered. Apparently there was something funny about my current situation.

“Hey!” called one of the guys turning to Storm, “Who’s the chick? She’s smoken!”

“Ugh, that my new room mate. Ah what’s your name again?” he asked me.

“Holly.” I squeaked unable to manage anything else. One of the guys got off the couch and walked over to me. He had flaming orange hair which was spike up in every direction and his bright blue eyes contrasted it perfectly. He was cute in a childlike kind of way.

“Hello.” He said and held out his hand like it was normal to introduce yourself to someone who was dripping wet and only in a towel. “My name’s Jared and dang you smell delicious.” He said steping a little closer as he smelt the air around me. Creepy much?

“Hey perv, don’t eat my roomy!” Strom called from the kitchen. One of the other boys who was lounging on the couch looked me straight in the eye, but called to Storm.

“Why the hell would you have a girl as a room mate? Not to mention a human.” He had curly black hair and his eyes were a scary red.

“I’m not human!” I squeaked again.

“Well you smell like it!” Jared said smiling at me and licking his lips.

“Besides,” said the boy with red eyes, “You have blond hair, and everyone knows that vampires don’t have blond hair.”

“Well, I thought I was human until about three days ago. My family and I lived in Chicago with lots of humans and no vampires so that’s probably why I smell like one.”

“That doesn’t explain the hair.” Jared pointed out.

“I got it from my mother and she was from the Von-” and then I stopped myself. I had this little gut feeling that maybe I shouldn’t say anything about my family. I mean there was a murderer on the loose. All the guys lifted an eyebrow.

“She was from what?” asked Jared who had sat back down on the sofa. I needed to lie and fast! To bad that I wasn’t good at lying.

“I got it from my mom who worked at the VonAir Perfect Hair Salon in Chicago. She was a hair dresser and she dyed it for me?” It came out more like a question then a sentence. Thankfully Strom came out of the kitchen with a tray holding a pitcher of red liquid on it and all of the guys eyes went from me to the blood. Who knew that Strom would actually come in handy?

“Want some?” Jared asked me holding up a cup. Yuck!

“Ah no thanks. I really need to change, but you could save me some of the pizza.” I said pointed at the half eaten box. I had located the source of the awesome smell. I wonder why I smelt it all the way from the bathroom? Pizza had never had such a strong smell before.

“Why?” Jared pouted, “You really don’t need to. We don’t mind. Come sit by me.” he said patting his lap. I turned bright red, one negative to having a fair completion.

I shook my head and ran down the hall. When I got to my room I threw the door shut and slid down against it. That had to be one of my most embarrassing moments ever. I could still hear the guys laughing in the den.

It didn't take long until tears were running down my face. 

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