"If football is such a big deal to you get out of your bed and go do it then. Nothing is stopping you, you can do everything on that leg as normal, just to less of an extent. All you need to be able to do is run, so think of someone other than yourself for once, and actually do something so I know i didn't ruin your life."

Dream paused, then brushed off George's hand and returned the anger.

"Oh really, i'm being a baby? I don't think you exactly understand, I can't play football because of you. I haven't been in a single game because of you, George. Maybe you should blame yourself, afterall you broke my leg. Maybe id run if I could fucking breathe normally, but no, my ribs are still healing and what's wrong with you? You caused the accident and got away nearly scott free."

George dug into the ground, clutching the edge of the counter.

"Oh using your concussion not healed? Your head hurts, get over it. Your gash still not fully healed? Go cry about it. I would gladly switch positions with you, but I can't, so I think I have a decent reason to be upset. I came here to finally check up on you, because to my knowledge you had disappeared off the face of the earth and could be dead for all I know."

George snapped and shoved past Dream, furious enough to be unable to articulate the correct words.

Dream attempted to grab his wrist, but George easily wrenched it from his grasp and slammed his bedroom door shut, sinking onto the ground and biting his hand as sobs wracked his body.

As his sobs faded into quiet, stinging tears, he wrapped his arms around his body. George could easily assume that Dream didn't mean what he did, but the thought burned that he did mean it.

If George wasn't driving that car, it'd be fine. Dream would be fine and he would be fine, and everything would remain the same.

It would be only a matter of time before something broke, even without the accident. The tension would finally snap and soon they wouldn't be able to face each other again.

As the tears still burned hot, George couldn't help but wonder what it would've been like if nothing like that ever happened, and what it would've been like if they kissed.

Dream leaned against the wall, wiping away the few tears that had spilled over the edge. He was tired and hurt, but knew he had to apologize.

He grabbed a random note off the table and scribbled something on it, not paying attention to what he wrote.

Dream stopped and stared at what he had written, before quickly grabbing it and grabbing another note. He hasn't meant to write his first note again, but it must've been on his mine.

This time he wrote the proper words, a short apology.

He grabbed the paper. the other one still in hand, and slipped it through the door.

Dream stood to leave before George's door slammed open, George's tear stained face staring him down.

"Dream what the fuck?"

For a moment, Dream was confused, before looking down and seeing that his hand was void of any form of note.

"Is this some kind of sick joke?" George stormed towards Dream.

"I- I didn't mean to- that wasn't supposed to be the one going under the door." Dream stumbled over his words, only angering George more.

"So what was the point? Why did you write it if it wasn't every intended for me to see. I guess it's just like that note in the stupid mac and cheese box, although i know that was a joke now."

"George, no- wait you found that note?"

"Yeah, who hides notes in pasta boxes Dream? Someone's bound it find it. It even sounded like it was a joke now that I think about it. So really, what the hell are you thinking Dream.

George was twisting his words and making things into spikes that stabbed into every part of Dream that were originally meant to be flowers.

Dream was fed up with everything, every pent up emotion so he grabbed George's shirt and kissed him.

He dropped his shirt as George flushed and stumbled, taken aback.

"That prove you that I'm not joking yet?" He hissed through clenched teeth, turning and slamming the apartment door.

George was left there, reeling, the taste of Dream's lips still lingering.

He balled up the note and threw it in the trash.

"Just another way to mess with me.." he muttered, collapsing onto his bed.


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