My Hero

Karen’s PoV

We we’re surprised when we arrived in the Central Town and there were no other people besides us. Then someone else talked…

“Tsk. Idiot understudies! They fell in the trap.” What I heard was a man’s voice. And that voice is really familiar to me. After that guy said it, everything went black…


I was having a hard time opening my eyes and my head ached. W-what happened? When I remembered what happened earlier I was thankful that I could finally open my eyes. But I was surprised when I saw where we were brought… Akibastar Downtown.

“Neh, Atsura wake up. Guys wake up.” I said to my fellow understudies.

I can’t believe it. It’s our first day here in Akibastar and then this happened to us.

I was on the verge of crying when I heard someone talking.

-       What? You? I thought I told not to hurt her. If I ever saw a scratch on her face or any part of her body I’m gonna make you pay, got it?

-       Yes, Boss. We’re sorry.

I tried to stand up but I think they inject something to our body that can make us paralyze.


--- AKB0048’s Quarters

Tsubasa: What?! They we’re kidnapped?

“Yes, Tsubasa-san. The 5 understudies were out in the city when suddenly they disappeared in our sight.” One of the staff said.

“Tsubasa-san, let us patrol in the city. We will look for the girls.” Yuuka said.

“I agree. Sonata will not let her fellow members be in harm.” Sonata said.

Tomochin: By the way, where’s Acchan?

Everyone gasps when they realized that Acchan was not with them.

Nagisa-chan’s PoV

I’ve been roaming around in the city since we came back. I really miss Akibastar. After lunch, I decided to go back in the dorm when I noticed something interesting. It is a poster about 00’s concert in public this afternoon. I got curious first, because Tsubasa-san didn’t tell me about this concert but when I realized that there is something wrong I suddenly have the urge to call in HQ when I heard someone talk. I was looking for that voice when I arrived at the Central Town.

“Tsk. Idiot understudies! They fell in the trap.”

When I heard that, I suddenly grabbed my Micsaber but I was too late. They already took the understudies. I really want to call the HQ but I was afraid that I will lose the girls so I decided to follow them first then I will just call the HQ when I secure the girls safety.

I’m currently watching the guards of the abandoned building in the Downtown. Being here really creeps me out but to help the girls I should become strong.

“You should call your colleagues if you want to help those girls.”

I turned my head back and I saw a guy seating beside me.

“W-who are you? Are you one of the pursuers?” I asked him defensively. I should be careful I cannot trust this guy.

“Of course not. I’m the one who will gonna save my princess.” He smiled then he suddenly charged at the guys guarding the place. Watching him fight was amazing. His stances are really good and he never made a mistake. Thinking that I was just watching, I attacked the other guards. I can’t let this person save the girls alone.

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