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Zayn Pov

I just sat there crying and singing.i wish  that one day i'll find a new mate which is btw not gonna happen hmm i keept crying my eyese where red i suddenly felt someone hugging me from the back i turned around i was shocked sa-sa-sam!!!! I almost die throught fright of looking at her.. But how? Your dead you cant be infront of me ah its just my imagination!........ "No zayn your not imagining its really me see" said sam is a soft sweet voice. really its really you "yes zayn"... But you died! "Zayn its my soul not my whole self".. "Now listen i had to see you or my soul would of not been in peace and would star haunting you guys".

"Now listen i need you to take my body and barry it in the most deepest place of the forest and i'll never be seen again nither will my soul be seen you guys will never see me again and no one will find my body ever again! Could you do that"?..

*sniff* *small growl* NO!! never i will not live with out seeing you i will keep you body with me untill the day i die and ill only barry you when i die you will be barred with me and thats final!!....

Niall Pov

Harry im getting kinda worried about zayn i going to go check on him.."k watever".. I walked upstairs to his room zayn bro you there?? I ran all over the house seacrching for him fianily i went to the room sam's body is i opened the door slowly and saw zayn sitting on a sofa near the bed with red eyes and tears streaming down his face zayn! You ok whats wrong with you zayn look at me "im fine niall im just really cranky ok so leave me alone".. Ok what ever you say cranky pants.....

Harry Pov

Where on earth is everyone guys! Liam!....niall!....louies!.....???strange where is everyone..... Wait a minute.....???where's zayn???? I ran as fast as i could to the only place where enyone of us would go when we where depressed..sam's body... Like dah i opened the door slowly and saw niall and zayn talking well staring at sam um...guys you ok? "Yeh we're fine...well i am zayn is like ^-^ depressed cuz he misses sam"answered niall.well we all do *beeeeep***** "aaaaah" screamed zayn and the light went off but how it was 10am weird 2 mins later  the window shutters opened and the lights turned on and zayn was gone...where's zayn?

Zayn Pov

The last time i saw harry&niall was right before i was grabbed by someone and a beeping noise was there i opened my eyes to see the most beautiful eyes ever it was blue with a burst of specks in it exatly like sam then i blinked a couple of times and it was actually sam "hey"! She whispred hey sam what are you doing where am i."i needed to say somethong to you"..... What what is it "i-i-im pregnant"...

Wa-wa-wa wah your kidding right but your dead how could you be pregnant "i-i was pregnant before i died and the weird thing is.." IS!?? "I cant tell you" why cant you sam you have to tell me" "i-i i just cant so im really sorry....bye...zayn" sa-

I had a weird feeling that sam was trying to tell me something really obvious... Hmmmmmmm i wonder what it was....


Hey ppl hope you enjoy this chapter sorry if its really short i dont want to spoil it for you guys..there could be a spoiler for the next chapter but naaa.. Ill just write the chapter i dont like spoiling it for you guys cuz it just spoiles the moment.... Ignore that last 16 words i said kk wateves ill try updating every week or maybe every day or something if i get time so hope you enjoy BTW comment below on what do you think happened to sam what is the important thing she wanted to tell zayn muhahahahaha i will not tell ya...hehe
-_- just comment or ill kill you...JK  but still bye

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