This is our TRUE LOVE!

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I woke up early in the morning,smelling the beautiful fragnace of the rosses in my room and all over my house! Today is the day that I am very happy and excited but also nervous about,and every girl should be glad on her wedding day too,
I used to count down the horrible days of mine and Taylor's wedding but suddenly switching it up with Ray! Made these days go by Wonderfully! Mine and rays love isn't about money or the city or the buildings or even the slightest bit of gold,(that's why the cover of the book is a city,because the people around her always just loved property but she taught them about love) it's about love care hope family dreams and one another,it's about me and him.
I got out of my pajamas and breakfast was brought to me,and as I ate the lady did my hair,and another lady started to do my nails and makeup transition.
After three hours I was finished getting ready,I looked fantastic and the dress was pretty as well.
Later that day there was a huge announcement party,there were flamingoes in our yard and fountains of love and our pictures we took today,and as we got outside and the man read something important and soon we said "I do" after us it was Taylor's wedding turn,taylor walked over and the ceremony continued!
Gladly after the party we got to go spend some time in a hotel room,but before leaving i said good bye to my parents and even to taylor as he was standing with his dream girl and they had gotten married after us,I didn't want to live in this house,but I forgave them all,as money can make some people dance,but love can turn people cray cray and change it all around! .. but Taylor's girl was really pretty and chubby and they made a perfect couple!
Then I sat in the back seat of the car,with my Ray! And some servants went with us one drove, they had packed up my things and rays things as well. In the car,Ray holded my hand,his manly hand was warm and made me feel more in love than ever before! I looked at our hands and then I looked up at his sparkly eyes,He spoke with his heroic voice. "Olivia you look beautiful!"he saidhe made me blush as I looked at him, "and so do you" he smiled, "you know We aren't going to a random hotel,we are going to our palace!"he said and he was right,the car went into the parking lot,there in front of us was a beautiful palace,"Remember when I promised you I'd take you far away from your family."he said,Ray is so kind,it made me want to cry,then Ray got out of the car from his door and he walked over to my door,he opened the door and held out his hand.
"I promise you that I will make you happy all the time and I will love you more than any one has ever done so,I promise you that. So will you join me into the beginning of our love story Olivia?"he asked. I took out my hand,which was smaller then his,and my hand went into his his hands and we started walking into the beautiful alley with pretty flowers and into the Palace.

And we lived happily every after. ❤️the end❤️
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