Positions of the wolf pack

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Here are the ranks of mebers in a wolf pack.

Alpha- the domminate leader of the pack. They lead the hunts and rely on thier betas for aid. Theyt are th largest wolf in the pack.

Beta- are highky thought of wolves that help lead the hunts with Alpha. watch fights with alpha for rank promotng of lesser wolves. Large, but not as large as the Alpha.

Selsa- lower or lesser betas. are the protectors and are part of the hunting party.

Delta- a lesser wolf but the most domminant of the under ranking wolves. Hunter.

Gammas- are the betas of the deltas.

Epsilons- nonranking wolves of the pack and hunters.

Zeta- first assumed rank wolves will ever be apointed. also in the hunting party.

Iota- the bulk or largest group of the pack. contains the pups that just becam adults, disrespectful wolves that are not omegas, and the newcomers. also hunters.

Omega-Disrespectful wolves or trouble makers. there are atleast one or two in the pack. they are shown no mercy, but are able to leave this rank unless they were horribly bad.

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