Chunin Exams part 2

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Hello I just wanted to let you know the people who are okay with Sakura and don't think she is useless sorry but I dislike her a lot for what she has done to Naruto, how she treats him, and her character at all. So please don't take this to offence and if you like Sakura then don't read the meme.

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Naruto/Levi POV

Thank goodness the Chunin Exam instructor came I didn't want to deal with that spoiled brat. So I sat down in a chair like the instructor said

"My name is Ibiki Morino I will be your Chunin Exam instructor for this part of the Chunin Exams. Now listen carefully maggots because I will not repeat myself again! Do I make myself clear?" He said.

"Yes sir."

"Good now each test has 10 questions but the last question will be asked at the end. If you get disqualified then you and your whole team are disqualified as well. Their are also a lot of observers and cameras (again my Au) so if you cheat then you will also be disqualified. I can also disqualify you whenever I want." Ibiki said.

"But that's not fair!" A girl spoke out.

"Life's not fair. And you and your team are disqualified. Leave now!" Ibiki said.

Some teams whispered to their teammates and Ibiki heard them and they also got disqualified. Then Ibiki passed out the test.

"Ok test starts now!" Ibiki announced.

I quickly got the meaning of the test it's meant for you to cheat but Nami already taught me this so I decided to do it anyway which took me 5 minutes and I decided to take a nap since I was bored.

No One Pov

(Mean while with the Sensei whole were watching on the camera to watch their students)

"My team is actually doing pretty good how are yours doing?" Said Kakashi.

"Mine to it seems their doing very well." Said Kurenai.

"Mine as well." Asuma replied.

"Oh the Power of Youth." Gai said as he cried.

"It seems someone already finished and is napping? But that's impossible it's only been 5 minutes!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"Who is this kid?" Kurenai said.

"I don't know." Asuma replied.

"I guess we will find out later." Kakashi says.

"I guess." Kurenai says.

Naruto's POV

Shortly after I slept I woke up to someone yelling at me to wake up. I woke up to my eyes directly at the instructor.


"I already am done." I said in tiredly way because I just work up like what did you expect.

"Oh really?" Ibiki questioned as he took a look at my test.

"H-how it's only been 5 minutes." He shuttered.

"Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Y-yeah sure kid." Ibiki said as he collected my test.

"Thanks." I said as I put my head down and fell asleep.

------------Time skip------------

I woke up to Ibiki yelling that the time is up and to put our pencils.

"Now I will ask you the final question if you get it wrong then you will have no chance to ever be a Chunin so I'm giving you a chance you wake out the door and fail but can try again next year or stay here and if you get the question wrong you and your team fail and can never take the Exams again? Raise your hand if you want to leave and take it next year." Ibiki said in a imitating voice but I heard scarier.

Some people raised their hands.

"I'm sorry guys I can't I don't want to have to never be able to become a Chunin." A boy said to his teammates.

"You and your team go." Ibiki said as he pointed to the door.

They all left and you could see that the teammates were mad. Soon a bit of the teams that came here left.

"Is that all?" He asked.

Everyone nodded.

"You pass." He said.

"What but sir you didn't ask the question!" Pink Banshee yelled.

"That was the test to see if you have enough courage to risk it. (I don't know if that's really what happens I don't remember this scene very well) " Ibiki answered.

Suddenly a Purple haired lady jump through the window.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi I'm the sexiest women alive in Konaha I will be your instructor for the second round in the Chunin Exams."

Sorry it took a so long my motivation was very low and I have been lazy I know that's not an excuse but hopefully you enjoyed the chapter hope you had a good day and I do not own Naruto or One Piece or the meme I got the meme from google. Also happy April Fools anyway peace ✌️

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