A Touch From Beyond

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You never think it will happen, until it happens to you.  You hear about it on the news and in the papers from time to time but other than that, the words "kidnap" and "murder aren't very commonly used in your average family home.  Of course, that can all change in an instant...

I was walking home from school when it happened.  I was meant to be walking to town with my best friend Rose but she had to rush home because her mum had to go out and get her little sister early from nursery.  I was about ten minutes away from town, in the isolated woodland path we call the "Tramp Alley" or "Paedo Lane" for obvious reasons.  It's fine when you walk with a few friends or a big group but when you're on your own, chances are you'll get "approached".

The area surrounding the path was actually quite picturesque, if you ignored the trolley and empty cans discarded in the water of the brook running alongside it.  The way the sunlight trickled through the gaps in the trees was beautiful, especially on darker autumn afternoons, as it bled onto the golden leaves that had let go of their trees after a warm summer.  However, in the winter, the lack of light and harsh winds that attcked every inch of open flesh made the Tramp Alley a gloomy and depressing place to be.  It was an afternoon like this when I found myself there alone, something I would usually try and avoid.

I didn't even notice him sat there under a tree until he shook the loose change in his paper cup.

"Spare change, miss?" he asked, stretching out his arm and shoving the cup under my nose.

I took a step back.  "Sorry," I said, walking past quickly.

"Come on, who do you think you're kidding?" he said, catching me by the arm before I got out of touching distance, "I hear those pockets jinglin'.  You must have something you can spare for those less fortunate than yourself."

I turned around sharply, uncomfortable with the tightness of the man's grip on my arm.  He looked young-ish with shoulder length, tousled black hair, hidden by a tatty woollen cap.  His eyes were green and tired looking.  Nights sleeping rough had obviously taken their toll.

"Sorry, I have to go." I mumbled, wishing that Rose hadn't had to leave.  I tried to pull away but his grip on my arm just tightened.

"Hang on, don't just walk off like that.  We were just getting to know each other!" he teased, laughing at his own joke.  His laugh was dry and cold, obviously feigned to try and win me over.  If only I had realised at the time.  He pulled me back towards him and tripped me up on tree root protruding from the ground.  I fell on top of him awkwardly.  He helped me up but held onto my hand too long for my liking.

"Somebody's eager." he chuckled to himself, "Well, if you're that keen, come on then."

He took my hand again as he stood up from his spot under the tree and started walking back the way I had come, dragging me along with him.

"Hey!" I yelled, "Get off!  Let go of me right now!"  I struggled against him, but for someone so scrawny he was surprisingly strong.  I dragged my heels in the slippy mud, rained on so often but he just picked me up and hoisted me over his shoulder.  He ran through a clearing inn the trees I hadn't noticed before and down an unfamiliar path to a desolate car park.  A solitary grey van sat with the back doors flung open in preparation.  I realised with a jolt what he was going to do.  I started screaming but by then it was too late.  Even if someone had heard me, by the time they had got to the car park, we would already have been in the back of the van.

He crouched over me as I quivered.  The look in his eyes said it all; I knew he was one of the perverts we had been warned about at school countless times.  Holding me down with one hand and grabbing a rag and bottle with the other, he said, "Dont move, or I will pour this whole bottle down your throat and watch you scream." he said with a sinister edge to his voice.  I wasn't sure what was inside or whether he was bluffing about puring it down my throat but I wasn't prepared to take the risk.

He twisted the cap off the bottle and put the rag over the opening.  I realised what was in the bottle.  Chloroform.  He poured some of it over the rag and turned to me again.  My eyes were wide with fear as I thrashed around in the corner of the van.  I hoped that the fact that I was a moving target would slow him down and buy me some time to think, but no.  He just timed his movements precisiely and grabbed me by the hair when I was facing the other way.  He jerked my head back so I was staring at the roof and stuffed the rag over my mouth and nose.  A sweet, heavy scent wafted through me, everything went quiet and calm and I drifted into an uneasy sleep of nightmares and "what ifs."

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