Scarves and Pinstripes

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Scarves and Pinstripes

A sound akin to the grind of an ancient motor whirred seemingly from nowhere. The mysterious sound was soon joined by the slow materialization of a large blue police box. All around the police box was a lush forest of pine trees with random, jagged rocks protruding from the planet's surface. The police box, which was actually an alien spacecraft capable of moving through both time and space known as the TARDIS, currently rested on a gravel roadway that cut through the pine forest.

The door to the TARDIS swung open and out stepped a lanky thin man dressed in a long brown coat over a pinstripe suit and wearing red sketcher sneakers. He was wearing a huge grin.

"Well...maybe not Luntracapaltrix exactly...but one of its moons. Well, not the moon, so much as a large asteroid in orbit near the moon." He was followed by a firecracker tempered woman with red hair. "And not so much as near the moon as exactly 132.5 thousand miles farther from the planet than the moon. A kind of...distant orbit...Well, not an orbit so much as-"

"Listen, Time-Boy!" Exclaimed the easily excitable Donna Noble, "Either tell me where we are in plain and normal Earth English, or don't tell me!"

The Doctor smiled, always taking pleasure in getting a rise out of Donna. Then, as to make a grand show of it, the Doctor wetted his finger, raised it above his head and into the air, and followed it with a deep sniff.

Donna rolled her eyes.

"If I had to make a guess, I'd say that you, Ms. Donna Noble, are standing on the forest asteroid of," He bent down and pinched the gravel on the road and rubbed it between his fingers, "Capaltrix 4." He stood up and brushed his hands together, looking around as if he had misplaced something. "Why...does it feel as though I should remember this place?" He pondered to himself.

Donna shivered, "Wherever we are, a forest is a forest, and since the library, I get the willies whenever we're in one. Never know when a bloody shadow will eat me." She turned back towards the TARDIS, about to insist that they choose a new destination, when she noticed that the Doctor had started off down the road, away from the TARDIS.

Donna threw up her hands and stomped after him.

They walked for about a quarter of an hour before seeing a small village down the road a ways. As they approached, the Doctor returned his attention to Donna.

"Usually, I can recall at least general facts of, well, everything." He waggled his hand towards the village they were approaching," I've been here before though. I remember that I came here, but not much else. Well, other than the general fact that, Capaltrix 4 is home to the galaxy's largest collection of experimental software engineers."

Donna looked at the Doctor, "You mean hackers?"

The Doctor smiled, "Oh, yes!"

"So, we're going to visit 'Land of the Nerds' and you wonder why you can't remember?" She laughed. "Geeky time-boy can't remember Nerd Camp? This'll be rich, alright!"

The Doctor feigned hurt. "Oy!" Then he turned serious. "If I can't remember it, then it probably didn't happen. Me not remembering could mean a lot of bad things, well, maybe a few good things, but what I'm saying is," He wiggled his split fingers at his eyes and then all around them, "Keep your eyes open."

No sooner had the Doctor done this when four humanoid beings leapt from the trees to surround them and, with the bark of an order, opened fire.


When the Doctor woke, he was lying on his back He started rubbing his temples with his eyes closed.

"Static based stun weapon: primitive. Impressive, but primitive."

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