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It took a lot to convince Ana for us to go. She said she wasn't ready to meet Lexa, but she said the same about Roan. She agreed to go as long as I kept Roan a secret. I barely knew the man, and he barely knew me. Adriel had explained to me that more people from the Ark had come down. Finn had also killed innocents of a village not far from their camp. It was sad, but justice has to be brought. If Adriel was murdered I would painfully and slowly kill the person behind it.

Warriors rode on horses in front of us. Sooner or later we would have to come out to the commander that we were somewhat together. As of now, no one knew except Skaikru.

Adriel rode in front of us with the rest of the warriors. We were in Trikru territory, there was no snow. The air was still cold but not as cold as the azgedan air. I had lived weeks in Azgeda, I could probably go out naked into the snow and not be cold.

Anagosta and I ride beside each other. Two tall black horses next to each other, an arm away. We wore black fur cloaks that made us seem mysterious. Ana wore her traditional braids and I, my two braids that ended up into a low bun. We wore our war paint and Ana her hair jewelry.

It was morning now. We were closer to Camp Jaha or Skaikru now. We rode past the trees into a large clearing filled with tents. Trikru had Skaikru cornered. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

The horses were led away as we jumped off of them. I looked at Ana warily as everyone stared.

"Chin up. We're queens to them." She said in a low warning voice when she bumped my shoulder softly with hers. In my time with her she had taught many things, one of them being to keep my emotions in check and to not show feelings on the outside.

We walked across the field as everyone's eyes gleamed at us in awe. Our black cloaks and hard faces made us seem so mean and dangerous as we walked behind Adriel. We stood in front of a large tent before someone rushed out. He walked quickly only giving me a small and unnoticeable nod. Lincoln.

All three of us entered the tent, a woman slowly sat down on the throne. Her hair pushed back into a braid as her black war paint laid on around her eyes.

"The Azripa's, my people have taken a liking to you." She said with a strong and stern voice. Her cold green eyes stared into mine as I glared back. She only looked at me for a few seconds, taking in my cold appearance before moving into Ana. She tilted her head slightly to the right, as if in deep thought.

"I'd like a word alone with the Trikova." Is all she said before nodding at Adriel. He placed a hand on the middle of my back as he led me out the tent.

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