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    I woke up ,with the sun beaming in my eyes. I sit up on the end of my bed as i feel the cool air hit my once warm body .

I leave the warmth of my bed. Oh btw my name is kate Haul , and today is going to be my first day at Smiths Academy. Im going to attend there with my bestfriend Aaron Mack . Me and Aaron have been bestfriends since preschool . when he let me have his double chocolate chip cookie and i gave him my piece of apple pie. Ever since then we have been the best of friends some people say we are a couple but we aren't . but enought about me and more about my life ..... i walked down the hall and noticed it was kinda empty. i looked through my whole house only to notice the note on the frige from my mom and dad saying " hey baby we know its your big day off to smiths academy but we can't make it to say bye and love you , plus you will be riding to school with Aaron bye kate love mum and dad." Well great mum and dad are not here and i still have lots to do before i leave .

srry for the short chapter its my first book and i really wanna know what people think but if its negative idgaf becuz well
people gonna hate .

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