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"Corpseee!" I yelled to my boyfriend of one year since yesterday. I was rushing out the door of my house, about to go into work but i was waiting for Corpse to come out the damn bathroom so i could get out my eyeliner pen.

"Whaaat?" He mocked, stepping out while carrying Kuma in one arm. He had just showered so his jet black hair clung to his forehead and neck. He had tied it up with small wisps coming out the sides. He had let his hair grow for a while, most likely due to him being lazy.

"Let me grab my eyeliner, im gonna be late for work!" I said, swerving past him and yanking my eyeliner and a compact mirror, putting it in my purse. "As per usual." He chuckled. I whipped around and smirked at him evily. "Careful Mr. monotone, i might just mess up your tattoo this evening." I taunted, waving the eyeliner pen in his face although his ruby red eyes stayed locked onto mine.

"If you mess it up, your's has to change as well!" He laughed, shaking his head. "Nooo! It was mine to begin with, you just stole it!" I whined, as he put on hand on my waist. "Nuh uhh, its our matching tattoo, i just like that design and i wanna have it too." He said in a playful tone. This man...

"IF i mess it up, let me know and i'll get my lawyer on it. If you don't mind me i have to be late to work again." I giggled. He also let out a deep chuckle before leaning in and kissing me shortly. We pulled away and i kissed Kuma's head before waving and turning to leave. "See you this afternoon!" He yelled before i closed the door.

Rolling my eyes with a smile, i drove off to my workplace.

As soon i entered the parlor, i ducked out of the way to avoid a rolled up poster to the face. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STOP TAKING MY FUCKING COOKIES!" Angel yelled, rushing Xavier as they chased eachother around the shop, yelling and whatnot. How do they have so much energy?!

"Put it in your pockets!" I grunted, fixing my hair and hearing Romeo's boisterous laughter. I turned my head to see Romeo and Lucas in the waiting area, drinking their coffee. "You almost got your head chopped off!" He cackled. Lucas also laughed, his laugh coming out loud and full. "You look so pissed, Y/N!" He smiled.

"Yeah yeah take a picture, it'll last longer." I smirked, picking up the coffee cup that was meant for me.

"Good morning, Y/N!" Maria hugged my shoulders. "Hey girl!" I smiled and hugged her back. "I heard you're gonna tattoo your future husband todayy~" Maria teased, slapping my arm with a giddy smile on her face. I blushed and nodded. "Yess, although he stole my design off my body!" I laughed as her eyes went wide.

"YOU'RE GETTING MATCHING TATTOOS?!" She squealed like a school girl making me slightly tug on her flannel for her to quiet down. "Shhh! Well i guess you can call it that, since we're gonna be having the same tattoo...in the same place.." i dragged off, blushing as she only got even more fangirly.

"Oh my fucking god, im so ready too see how adorable ya'll are gonna look!" She said giggling while i stood, flustered and playing with my necklace.

Time skip...

"Bye, thank you for coming to the dream!" I waved another client off as he turned around and smiled, walking out and holding the door for the tall man. Easily recognizable by his curly semi long hair, he strided in and locked eyes with me before waving and going to the registration area. I waved back playfully and got to my station to clean it up.

"Ooohhh is that your mans? I see the way you were flirting~" Maria smiled from her station while tattoing her client who also giggled. "Yes, isn't he so dreammyyy?" I swooned, smiling.

"I don't think Angel will like that you're gonna be tattooing him." Vince said, coming up to his Maria and hugging her briefly. "Thats why im super nervous!! He's been loyal to Angel for 2 years." I said, feeling the sense of betrayal for Angel even though he was ok with it.

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