Chapter One: Disaster's Last Resort

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( Keke Palmer as Casey )

( Friday )

" Your not my real father, you have no right to tell me anything! "

" Casey, baby stop! "

" I'm the man of this household and you respect what I say and it goes. "

" Babe, calm down. Please! " all day has been hell for Casey's mother, Sharon. It seemed she's been trying to pry the two off each other all day but how could she interfere, if her daughter and newly wed husband were down eachother throat almost constantly. She understood that Casey wanted nothing to do with Ashley, however she couldn't stand there all day and let her disrespect him so she spoke up and with a maximum volume of firmness " Casey, stop this right now and I mean it, stop it! Stop thinking your a grown person, if you want to be grown and yell at other adults get your things and go " she said calmly yet weakly, knowing her daughter was all she ever had in life after her former husband left for no apparent reason. And for Ashley to come and make her life happy, she wasn't about to let anything ruin what they have, not even her own flesh and blood. Ashley watched in with amused eyes as his raven black hair covered his smirk. Casey on the other hand was far from shock and knew exactly what this was. What her mother was doing for five whole years now and she couldn't fight it anymore. Walking away from the scene was all she could do as her mother watched in fear, thinking her daughter was actually leaving. " Casey? " her voice trembled, but no response came from her 16 year old daughter, who stomped up the stairs only to shake her midnight blue curls and looked back at her mother to show how pained she was before walking into her room. " You alright babe? " ashley asked, as he wrapped his arms around the slim waist of his wife. She relaxed herself in his embrace and trailed her mocha hands across his arms " yeah, I'm alright " she could only imagine her if casey was the same way but she knew better to think that. " I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, she's not my child to yell at nor did I have the right to yell at her ... Its just she's so spoiled and you give her the right to over power you " he apologize, trailing his pink lips across her mocha skin, nibbling slightly at his two days ago mark, making her moan in ecstasy. She nodded before turning around completely so they were chest to chest, she smiled as she admired his features of tan skin, soft pink lips, those hypnotizing brown eyes that held lust within them and god did she love his raven shoulder length hair that screamed pull me. ' If only Casey, could see this ' he thought, leaning towards his wife plump lips, captivating them with his ' I'd love to see her squirm in disgust '. Seconds, before Sharon pulled away, footsteps were heard along with those familiar curls catching his attention. " Can I have twenty dollars to go and get something to eat " she muttered as her mother looked at her, along with ashley who seemed a bit obvious that he was taking in her appearance. Her mocha skin was a bit shaded light than her mother, and those brown eyes of hell was still fuming with anger along with her plump lips that quivered in anger and not to mention her small frame compared to her mothers thick body. Not that he was complaining of her thickness. " Um - " her mother trailed off, smirking at how her face was getting more angrier by the moment ashley finished the answer " Nope. Tonight were eating as a family, if you don't like it then don't eat." both Casey and Ashley looked shocked but before casey could show anymore she walked off and huffed out angrily " Fine, I'll starve then." she hated how her mother always gained courage when she was around him and to think that she was actually gonna be nice to him. ' Lies ' she told herself. The rest of the day went by pretty slow, seeing as though Casey was no where in sight of her mother and the devil himself. She found herself in the attic that her father use to come and clean up almost twice a week, going through all the photos that still remained of him and smiled at one that she remembered so well. The day her dad pretended to faint and she was trying to save him before he scared her and chased her around the park like a zombie. She laughed silently as she looked out small clear window to see it was night time and sighed as her phone vibrated, ignoring the message she stood up and looked at the picture before whispering " why, did you leave me, daddy " angry at the sudden thought of Ashley she threw the picture and climbed the ladder down to her feet touch the hallway floor. With another miserable sigh, her stomach rumble and decide the only way to cure hunger was to go and eat as a fam- a group of civilized people. Walking into her room, she grabbed her black sweatpants and white long sleeve shirt and undergarments before taking a shower and washing her hair. She got out, dried her hair and put on her clothes and walked into the living room to see dim lights in the dining room and held her breath before exhaling. " I see you couldn't resist the offer, seeing as though you love food " her mother smiled, Casey noticed she was wearing black pants and a white blouse and her short hair was perfectly comb and bumped. " Yeah, I guess " she sat down and noticed the empty chair next to her " am I in the correct seating arrangement " she asked, getting up, but her mother beat her to it " Sit. " authority in her voice. She sat back down, just in time to see Ashley bring out the food on the table and he took a seat next to her, a smirk plastered on his face. Scooting away only gave Casey the cold glare from her mother, while Ashley pulled her back his way a bit to close for her liking. " Now, I called this night, for us to be together because " she trailed off, as she filled her plate with food, Casey on the other hand tensed as a hand gripped her knee tightly but she filled her plate with food and ate as rage build inside her. When everyone had food and began eating, she continued " My job is important to me and you both know that, so for a good amount of pay... You two will be home alone for a year - " choking on a piece of meat, Casey thought she heard wrong but when she looked at her mother who was dead serious, she scoffed and muttered " over my dead body " before taking her plate and walking away. Anger was all Ashley felt at the moment, never has he met a child so spoiled and disrespectful like Casey he asked himself so many times why she never got punished and he finally found the answer they were used to giving her gold and crap to realize she'd take advantage of it. He wasn't gonna let it slide anymore " babe, when does your flight takes off? " she softly sighed as a tear ran down her puffy mocha cheek and sniffled " Tonight, that's why I was hoping to have a family dinner with you both, but I ruined it " she cried as she stood up and ran into her room, clutched knuckles ready to strike Ashley was now furious but he wasn't gonna let it show tonight, Not on the last night he'll see his beautiful wife before she goes off into a year of adventure without him. An hour later, Casey walked in and saw her mother carrying her luggage out the door and couldn't believe she was leaving her here with him. For a year, maybe two! Both women said no words as they passed each other and the door was closed. " better enjoy it, before Satan comes back " Casey muttered as she went into the theater room and watched Halloween. On the ride to the airport Sharon felt guilty about leaving but if she went the more money she'd bring home to satisfy her family, however nothing couldn't satisfy Casey. " Hey, don't worry well be fine, I'll stay away from her for awhile and maybe she'll come around " Ashley smiled and Sharon kissed his cheek " I'll have faith it works " she sighed as she laid back and they drove in a comfortable silence til they reach the airport and he stopped the car " I'll miss you " he whispered as he gave her a passionate kiss, leaving her breathless " me too " she smiled as she got out and looked at him while chaperones grabbed her belongings and loaded them on the plane. " Tonight will be disaster's last resort " she chuckled at her husband words and nodded " make sure it makes no more reservations. " she blew him a kiss before, closing the door and walking to the plane " Don't worry, he'll never visit again " he smirked as he pulled out the lot and pressed the service button in the car " what can I do for you " the car radio spoke " Go to contacts " he ordered, the contacts popped up and he immediately called the first one there Andy.

" Cheerio, bastard " Ashley laughed at his best friend epic fail accent.

" That was shitty, but listen I'm home alone with Casey for a year and the little runt needs to be taught some serious lessons and I was wondering if you and the boys were up for the challenge " it was quiet before shuffling was heard and then a crowd of " hell yeahs " were heard. " Shes very mean at times, I wouldn't mind beating her til she becomes aware that your never mean to Jake Pitts " he said seriously. " hell, it pains me to see her mom acting tough but deep down she's sad " jinxx added. Ashley nodded as the boys continued to talk about her behavior. " So when we start this training " Andy asked curiously. " Tomorrow around maybe 10. But well need a plan to go along with it though, whose up for some role playing " the boys cheered and his smirked grew wider " Okay well I'll let you guys get some rest, I'm still on the road and she's probably asleep by now, bye guys " he hung up and chuckled to himself. Another hour of driving he was finally home and like he suspected she was asleep on the couch ' How could something so innocent at night be so evil during the day ' he thought as he made his way to pick up the house, headed for a shower and texted his wife an I love you before he closed his eyes and went to sleep

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