Chapter 11

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chapter 11


"Chris where are we?" I asked him as we pulled up to a brick house.

"We're at my best friend's house." He replied back hopping out of the car.

I sighed before opening the door and getting out too.

"What's his name?" I questioned him as we walked up to the door.

"He's a she and her name is Crystal." Chris answered back.

I nodded my head and watched as he knocked on the wooden door.

"Hold on a minute!" She yelled.

"You're gonna love her. She's very friendly and is easy to get along with." Chris explained as the door opened.

Crystal is really pretty and when I say really pretty i mean drop dead gorgeous. She looks like she could be a model and I instantly became insecure.

"Hey Chris!" She screamed pulling him into a hug.

"Hey Crystal." He said back while putting his hand on her lower back area.

It was a few seconds before they pulled away which made me become suspicious.

"Crystal this is my girlfriend Natalie." Chris introduced me.

I smiled when I heard him call me his girlfriend. Let her know. 😂

She gave me a fake smile. "Hello Natalie." She said.

"Hi Crystal." I said staley back.

I could tell that she didn't like me but I can also tell that she's very important to Chris so it would be great to make a good impression on her.

Crystal invited us in and we all sat down in her living room.

She must be a model because her house was beautiful and looked expensive.

"You have such a beautiful house." I complimented her trying to butter her up.

" Chris how have you been?" She asked.

I rolled my eyes at how she decided to change the subject quick.

"I've been great. I missed you boo." He replied back making me look at him with a eyebrow raised.

I'm gonna let that slide.

"I missed you too so this must be the girl that is keeping you away from me huh?" She said while staring at me.

"Yeah actually she has been keeping me busy." Chris said with a smile while grabbing me in his arms and kissing my forehead.

I blushed a little as I watched Crystal's face turn into a scowl.

I wanted to bust out laughing at her face.

"Chris what about us? You can't just put me to the side since you have your little crush now." Crystal whined.

"Crystal that was one time. It'll never happen again!" Chris snapped at her making me move away from him.

"What's going on between you guys?" I asked Chris with my arms folded.

"He slept with me a few weeks back and he has been acting like it didn't happen." Crystal explained.

I wonder if he slept with her when I came around.

"Why would you bring me over here knowing you two have history like that?" I asked Chris sending daggers at him.

"Baby I thought she would be over it by now. I was drunk and I was lonely. I needed someone.." Chris said.

I can't really get mad together because we're not together.

"Yeah whatever lets go." I answered hopping up from the couch and walking towards the door.

"Natalie wait.." Chris said before I walked out the door.

There's no way I can be with him while he's friends with her.

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