The Guys Book to turning into a Girl

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Ch 1

"ok breathe breathe!!! come on just 2 steps in and out" i myself as i slowly got out of my limo that was parked at the entrance of the *Wright's Boys Academy* i sighed "i hope the schools better than its name" i thought i walked to the entrance getting confused stares from the boys at the school i ignored and kept walking like it was normal it was really!! i was an outsider in this town so practically i was not getting a warm welcome but hateful glares and bulling are a yes yes i looked at the Secretaries desk on a gold plate was her name *Mrs,Anne Periwinkles* i giggled

"Whats so funny and who are you your not supposed to be here?"

i looked up at Mrs, P

"Hello im Mr, Prince but please call me Callum" i smiled she took off her large blue glasses and rubbed them twice before putting them on again

"Oh your a boy?? you look very feminine" i blushed a deep red

"Of Course Im a BOY!!" i yelled "this wasn't a first at all my own mother thought i was a girl and dressed me up in dresses and such but that's a secret" i thought she handed me my room keys and my secegual i grabbed my suitcases and but put my textbooks in my backpack i walked to my room

"95...96....97........99.....100..101!!" i smiled and opened the door to revel two famous Actors Chase Crawford and Justin Bieber they were laughing on the ground with tears coming out of there eyes as another guy (Taylor Lauthner) was standing with his arms crossed as soon as i coughed to get there attention they stopped what they were doing to stare at me i was calm until Taylor said

"hey why is a girl here?" i almost killed him

"IM A FRICKIN GUY DUMB ASS!!" I yelled at my cheeks turned red they all started laughing as Taylor looked at me in astonishment

"A g-guy?" he stammered i nodded i went to the second floor and called the last room up there or should i say the only room up there i dumped my clothes into a closet (im neat for a guy who cares??) nicely then i changed into black Caprice and an navy blue Aero shirt i shook my head a little letting my short dirty blond hair look more lose and went down stairs they looked at me weird

"What now??" i asked anger rising they smiled

"Well were all going to the beach wanna come?" i smiled widely then put on a sad face

"i cant" i said shyly

"Why not?" they all asked "i couldn't tell them could i?" i thought i opened my mouth to tell them but i couldn't i just turned and ran

"WAIT!!" they yelled i ran faster to the horse stables i sat next to a white horse who looked at me every few minutes making sure i was still there i lay-ed down not caring if my hair was messy or not then fell asleep

Mystery P.O.V

i walked to the stables to get snow white but stopped when i saw i wasn't alone a girl or Guy?? was sleeping soundly in the hay she looked so cute her steady breathing was slow and normal i took snow white with me and let the girl sleep she looked very tired i started to practice with snow i jumped over opsacles and went around barrels" this time im going to win Watch out Josh" i thought


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