Dirty Harry Styles

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I was dating superstar Harry Styles for about 9 months now and for about 4 of those months he has been on tour. He was coming home today so I jumped out of bed and ran for a quick shower. When I got out I slipped on a tight red dress that showed my curves perfectly along with some black pumps, I put my hair in big curls and did my make-up. I walked down stairs to the flat that we shared in London, I lit some candles and placed them throughout the flat along with some rose petals. I was waiting on the couch for Harry to come home, When I heard the door unlock and slowly open. "Babe I'm home" He said I guess he didn't see me on the couch "Right here baby" I said with excitement in my voice as I jumped off the couch an ran towards him, he dropped his bag and grabbed me pulling me in for a hug, He whispered in my ear " Holy babe you look hot, did you do all this for me" I pulled away and looked up into his gorgeous green eyes and said " of course I did this for you, I have missed you so much and" I was interrupted by his soft lips meeting mine. He picked me up bridle style and carried me up to our room where he softly placed me on the bed not breaking the kiss he started to take off my dress, happy to see that I had to bra on, he started to kiss my breasts and massaging the other one with his hand, I let out a little moan. He stopped to take off the rest of my dress but before he could I was ripping his shirt off, revealing his perfect abs. He carried on and removed the rest of my dress tossing it somewhere in the room. He removed my knickers and through them somewhere too, he started to lick my clit I moaned out in pleasure I have not felt this way in months he stuck 2 of his long fingers inside me "Oh my god Harry that feels amazing" I let out he sticks another finger in "Ahh Harry" I moaned, he curled his fingers hitting my G-spot with each thrust of his fingers " AHH O OH MMY GGOD Harry I'm gonna c..c...cum" I released all over his fingers, he pulled out his fingers an licked them clean, he started trailing back up me leaving love bites along the way when he finally reached my lips again we started to make-out his tongue slipped in my mouth and our tongues were fighting for dominance, I reached down his abs and slowly started un doing his belt not breaking the kiss for a second I finally had the belt un-done, we broke kiss and I went down and practically ripped his pants off, I could see the huge bulge in his Kelvin Klein boxers. I smirked and slowly took his boxers off, I went teasingly slow by licking the top of his shaft "Y/N Please don't tease baby" he said with sexual frustration in his voice "Ok fine babe" I said with a smirk before putting his whole length in my mouth, an let me say thats almost 9 inches. "Oh My God baby I I ne never knew y you could do thaaaat" he said throughout moans, I giggled and that sent him over the edge he cummed in my mouth I swallowed it. He seemed happy that I did so. "Alright babe are you ready?" he asked "YES now get in me Styles" You could hear the sexual frustration in my voice I wanted him so bad I just wanted to have his length in me after all these months that felt like forever "Haha alright baby" he got on top of me positioning himself at my entrance I could feel his tip and my opening as he kissed me on my sweet spot right at my collarbone. He started to go in a tear rolled down out of my right eye, "Babe! Do you want me to stop, I don't want to hurt you" he asked with worry in his voice " No babe just go... Please" You could still hear the frustration in my voice, He was almost all the way in when the pain turned into pleasure. And I'm sure that he seen that because he got faster and harder " Oh My God HARRRRY" I screamed out "Yell my name babe! Yell it so the whole world knows I'm home" he demanded " AHHH HAR HARRRRRRY OH MY GODD" I screamed out and moaned it felt amazing I have been waiting for this for 4 months! "Oh babe I'm going to cu...cuu.cuuum" I let out "Just wait for me babe" he said as he thrusted in and out of me I couldn't hold it anymore "Harry I I can't hold it an anymore" I managed to get out through moans " Alright Go" we both reached our highs and climaxed together I could feel his warm juices filling me up. He fell off of me to the side, lying on the bed beside me we both lied there trying to catch our breath, after a few minutes of heavy breathing we both turned and faced each other he took me in his arms and said "Babe you are the best thing to ever happen to me, I love you so much Y/N" "I love you so much Harry and I'm so happy that you are in my life" with that we just lied there and fell asleep in each others arms.

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