Who inspire me to be a singer Chapter 2

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I love the song boss the music video. I was really nervous when we have to fight with the guys. When i saw the video I was like I don't think I am going to make it. I love singing it the best thing I love to do. The person who inspire me was Selena Quintanilla. when I was 6 years I was listening her songs. she was a singer, songwriter, a spokesperson, actress and a fashion designer. I love Demi Lovato, Becky G,
Ariana Grande, and One Direction those are my favorite singers.

I love some of the Mexican singers. they also inspire me when I was little girl. When I was 11 years I started to play the guitar like Demi Lovato skyscraper.I love one direction so much.I started singing in 7th grade. My favorite songs from one direction's Take me home album is Over Again nd They don't know about us. I have every Demi Lovato album.

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