Chapter 5

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Muichiro POV

I watch as they run over to us. I keep my stoic expression on but on the inside I'm mad. Why can't I just have one day with Nezuko. She's the only one who stays in my head, the girl who keeps reappearing in my thoughts. Nezuko hops on my back to see who is coming this way.

"What do you three want?" I say harshly

Nezuko bonks my head and shakes her head. I think she wants me to be nicer to her brother and friends. I sigh annoyed.

"Let Nezuko go yo-

Tanjiro covers his mouth with his hand.

"I'm really sorry Muichiro for Zenitsu outburst. I was hoping for a small favor since we will be going on a mission soon with Rengoku. You don't have to if you are busy." Tanjiro says

I see a kid in the boar mask huff and the small yellow haired kid looking like he wants to kill me

"No." I say stoically

I shut the door on the them not wanting to deal with nuisances. Nezuko jumps off of my back and pulls on my arm. She points to the door and has a sad expression on face. Why is she making this so hard of me? I look away from her not wanting her to sway my actions. Nezuko does the same and goes in the corner pouting.

"Nezuko I didn't mean to make you anger but I'm too tired to deal with them?" I say

She keeps pouting in the corner which makes me feel even more bad about my decision.

"Fine." I mumble

Immediately she lifts up her head and jumps I go my airs. I hug back and open the door reluctantly. They are walking away when I call out to them.

"Wait you three. I'll hear what your request is." I say stoically

Tanjiro lights up and he comes running over to us. The yellow haired kid I think his name was....Zintsu or something. I could care less about what it was but he is running over to me.

"Nezuko I'm here to save you!!! Hug me instead!!" The kid shouts

I hold out my hand which the kid runs into and falls on his back.

"Owwwwwwww!!! What was that for?!" The kid screams

Nezuko starts huffing in anger and I look at the kid confused. I didn't even do anything or try that hard.

"Tanjiro do something!!" Zentsu or something whines

Who is the kid in the boar mask. I totally forgot his name. Probably not important. I glance up at the sky and see a bird. It's so beautiful, reminds me of a place were a lived when I was little. So many trees were blocking the view. I saw one lone bird soaring through the sky.

"Muichiro are you ok?" This kid says

"Huh? Who are you?" I say stoically

The kid looks at me confused and realizes I forgot who he was.

"My name is Tanjiro, this is Zenitsu and Inosuke." He says

"I won't remember those but ok." I say nonchalantly

"Ummmm...I wanted to ask you if you could train us. Would you mind helping us out?" Tanjiro says shyly

Nezuko looks down at me and I nod.

"Fine I'll help you three but Zensu stops running at me and yelling. It's annoying." I say coldly

"My name is Zenitsu!! And I will not stop trying to save my Nezuko no matter how scary you are." He says determined

Why...why must I deal with this? The boar kid you pushes Zenitsu out of the way.

"Listen here because I'm better than all these two. Come on me you walking statue!!" The boar kid shouts in my face

I punch him in the face sending him back. I signal Tanjiro to come and follow me. Nezuko sits on my shoulders playing with my hair. Ugh what did I get myself into.

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