Part 11: The Culprit

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Author's Note:

This is basically like a part 2 out of 2 for the last chapter. I hope you enjoy!

Annabeth's POV

October 11th Thursday, School Plaza

There are quite a few things I hoped would never happen.

Having drama on the first day, wrecking a party even though I enjoyed it... now imagine seeing a leviathan. Imagine it.

Leviathan as in a huge sea monster that might or might not resemble a dragon. Yeah, and I get to see one in my school's plaza right now. I take a deep breath, realizing that this thing is probably about two hundred times my size.

"Okay, which one of you has Light?" I ask the trio of the Royals. I assume the King, the Queen and the Jack are here, and the last one is missing. I hear no reply. "Are you guys deaf or something- oh."

I turn to them and see them just staring at me. Andrew is giving me the 'are you dumb' look. "Hate to break it to you-" He starts

"Did I ask you?" I ask the third question of the day.

Just then I barely see a fire ball flying towards us. I summon my shield, completetly blocking the attack. The blonde girl stands up.

"I'm stuck with Psychokinesis... I won't be much of help." The blonde girl says, I turn to the guy next to her, and he shakes his head. "None of us have Light, our friend here only has Nuclear, but I doubt it can do more than average damage to that thing."

"Yeah... I'm pretty useless." He says. Just when I start thinking nothing can be done... I get an idea. Nuclear as an element humans can control only has explosive reactions with Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water. Same the other way around.

In theory, if we make enough explosions, that monster would fall like a fly you squash with rolled up newspaper.

"You're not... maybe the blondie's element is useless... but Andrew and I can make it work." I say, using my healing ability to give them the speed boost, as well as heal any wounds or injuries they might've gotten as a result from this combat. "Remember how Nuclear reacts with elements, we have to blow it up."

The three of them open their mouths as to call me an imbecile... probably. But they look at each other and go 'ooooooooh'.

"Alright, slice and dice bitches!" Andrew says before dashing full speed towards the beast. I start running after him.

"Hey you two, wait up!" The guy yells after us.

This monster... despite the fact that it's made up completely of Darkness, it can use Fire. I seriously hope it isn't capable of using other elemental stuff. Imagine if it could use my Heat Wave but turn the Fire into Ice.

Just as I say it, the leviathan thing sends an ice wave, it's shape the same as my Heat Wave's shape. Goes in a circle around user, around 6-7 centimeters high and travels fast.

Andrew summons his Ice shield around himself and the blonde girl, blocking the wave. I summon my Fire shield to shield myself and the guy.

"Alright, tell me what's your name."

"Joshua, but you can call me Josh, why?"

"Josh, we have to use our abilities quickly to get as many explosions as we can."

As the Ice wave hits my shield, small pools of water form around my shield. Here's the thing... Ice isn't the element that counters Fire, it's actually Water. Ice just melts when it comes into contact with anything that has enough heat.

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