War: Chapter 3

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When War awakened the guardian the guardian then stood up and walked leaving War in a questioning look in his face whether to continue or not.

Watcher: Well are you gonna keep walking or are you gonna keep standing there like that guardian did for hundreds of years???

War: Im sorry. I just felt like there's something calling out to me......

Watcher: That's weird.... eaven for me and I'm a demon!

War: Let's just keep moving.....

As they continued walking War and Watcher could feel that the area where they were was starting to feel heavy. The type of heavy feelings one gets when there being Watched.

Watcher: You feel it to don't you???

War: Yes...... the energy around this place is......weird.....strange even.... as if thoe we are being watched......

As War and Watcher kept moving they got closer to the prison where Samael was being held captive stolen of some of his powers..... War then spotted on what seemed to be a demon sergeant.

Demon: JA,JA,JA Senso!!!!( War)

War: Akuma( Demon ) Why are you here?

Demon: I was starting to wonder who kept taking my soldiers out...... now I see who it was.....

War: You have not yet answered my question demon..... why are you here?!

Demon: What you seek is way beyond your understanding or control horsemen. If you want him you'll have to go threw me first!!!!!!


War then rushed at the demon.... this time not like before..  but with anger for some strange reason.

???: Huh? Senso???

Demon: Why do you strike at me with anger horsemen?! Is your way of fighting not with strategies and stealth?!


???: Horsemen don't give in to the anger! You must win!

War: Huh?!

As War herd the strange voice that called out to him he went slowing down his anger and started fighting like he should of had.

Demon: Now what are you planning to do horsemen. You strike at me no more with anger. Have you found the errors of your ways?

War: I have. But not as much as your fat momma!!!!!!!

Demon: What?!

Watcher: That was cruel even for you but still....... JA,JA,JA,JA,JA!!!!!!!!!


The demon strikes with fierce power. But War having controlled his anger blocked his attack and countered it making the demons arm get cut off

Demon: *Groan*

War: Hmph....... baka

The demon then fell to his knees and without saying a word looked at War and did a small grind and then died.

Watcher: That was weird.... Look! The gargoyles statues!

War: Wait..... Didn't Vulgrim said that Samael was in a prison???

Watcher: Yes...... ooooohhhhh I get where your going with this! Push the statutes they might react to something!!!

As Watcher said that he pushed the gargoyles forward. The gargoyles then started spiting up blood,the blood then ran all over the floor only to reveal that the blood was forming a symbol which was some sort of seal.

???: Yes. YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! I am free!!!!! JA,JA,JA,JA

As the giant demon arose from the ground he flew up but only to be pulled back down by the chains he was being held by.

Watcher: Well half free technically speaking.

War: Are you Samael?!

???: Indeed I am horsemen! And let me just say welcome back to earth!

Watcher: You seem happy for a demon lord.... What gives?

Samael: You see eaven thoe the demons have won, the destroyer has fallen almost powerless. If I were to say.... stop the demon lord on the other hand I couldn't. Seeing that I am trapped here and have been trapped for millennium s. But you War.... You can stop the destroyer. You are the only one who can restore the balance. But to get to the destroyers fortress you must first travel threw the portal which only I know how to open but I cannot open it for I nearly have no strengths what so ever.

War: How can we restore your powers?

Watcher: What?! War do you actually take his word for it?! Do you even know who you are dealing with here?!

Samael: Be careful with your tongue there demon! I might be a cheater and a backstaber. But when it comes to doing business I am a demon of my word and thus I make an exception for it!!!

Watcher: Fine I understand your majesty!

War: How can I help you Samael?

Watcher: The only thing that is keeping me here are the facts that the four chosen ones are still keeping me chained.... as long as they live I cannot leave the platform on which we stand. Bring me there still beating hart and I shall take care of the rest. Deal???

Samael then offers his hand to War. War then looks at it and has no choice but to do the deal with him and thus they shake hands.

Samael: Excellent!!!! Now the first chosen is Tiamat the bat queen. She lives in the twilight cathedral. Near here to the West. Be careful thoe the only way inside is by air.

War: I no longer posses the ability to fly either.

Samael: Do not worry horsemen I will grant you this ability being the only thing I can do at free will.

As Samael spoke to War he moved his hands around War and gave him Dark Shadow wings.

Watcher:*whistle* There even better looking than mine.

War: Thank you Samael.

Samael: Do not worry horsemen. Consider it as a gift of gratitude for intending to free me. Now be on your way and I shall await here.

Samael then went back inside his cell. And War kept moving. They then returned to where Vulgrim was.

Vulgrim: Aaaaahhhhh. Samael did not kill you? He must really like you. Where does your journey continue now horsemen?

War: To Tiamat the vat queen. I must bring her heart to Samael. In order to enter the destroyers fortress and finish things once and for all.

Vulgrim: A suicide mision them??? How splendid!!!!! I cannot take you directly into the Twilight Cathedral but I can leave you two blocks away from it. Just ask me to lend you my transporter and you will reach your destination in a couple of minutes! How do you think im everywhere at the same time?

War: Very well take us there.

Vulgrim: Excellent! Right this way please. And watch your step.

Watcher: Hold on a minute War! Who knows where in the nine hells this could take us to!!!!

War: Do we have a choice?

Watcher: Aaa- fine! But I warned you.

They steped on the elevator and left.

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