Chapter 13: Saturday Sept 1st

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m standing behind the counter of the small boutique where I work. Tiffany, my boss and owner of Tiffany’s Closet, decided to take a cigarette break conveniently as a group of bored middle aged housewives walked through the door.Despite the fact that the name of the boutique is far from creative and bored middle aged bitches are the usual clientele, I actually really enjoy my job. The pay is great; all I really have to do is plaster a fake smile on my face while making my way around the store and pretend that I actually care about helping my bitchy customers. Even though my job may not seem like the perfect fit for me because I have to dress like a proper lady and do my hair and makeup accordingly, my smile faking is actually great practice for my future aspirations.

Although it sucked that my parents disowned me and refused to pay for my education, I was actually pretty relieved because I never wanted to apply to UCSD in the first place. I already planned on going against my family and following my dreams, which is why I had money saved up in the first place. I just didn’t expect it to happen the way it did and so soon, but I don’t regret it. I can honestly say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because I am finally allowed to express who I am on the inside and show myself to the rest of the world. I am finally liberated.

Growing up my parents constantly pushed the idea of me becoming a doctor, which is far from what I wanted; however, because I was so stuck on pleasing my parents, I went along with it. If it weren’t for my Uncle Ryan, I probably wouldn’t have survived my preteen years. He was essentially my only real friend because everyone else only talked to me for stupid superficial reasons. I tried to play cool at school so that I could get my parents and everyone else off my back. The truth is: I hated everyone.

When I was thirteen, my uncle Ryan took me to see a film that changed my life. It was then that I realized the world had a lot more to offer and I shouldn’t have to follow in the footsteps of my father just because he constantly bragged to his co-workers about how much I wanted to be just like him. As a child, you shouldn’t have to give up your dreams and change who you are just so you can make your parents happy. Shouldn’t your parents be the one’s trying to make you happy? It’s a good thing I figured that out before I got to high school. I’m sure that knowledge alone saved me thousands of dollars in future analyst costs. I mean, I told my day that I wanted to be a doctor when I was five years old. I told him a lot of things then, but of course that’s all he remembers. I also told him that I wanted become a figure skater, but of course that went in one ear and out the other.

 On a completely different note, as a young girl my parents were very strict about what I watched on television, but were much stricter about the films I watched in theaters. Even as a thirteen year old my parents dictated what I watched because they were afraid that basically everything would rot my mind and keep me from being the perfect daughter they wanted me to be. While the other kids my age were watching horror films, my parents still forced me to watch educational documentaries and every once in a while they would let me watch films that were rated PG. As if I wanted to watch that childish bullshit.

It wasn’t until my uncle Ryan took me to a vintage movie theater that I saw a movie that I very much enjoyed, even though it was a bit mature for my age. My uncle Ryan was the youngest on my mother’s side of the family and was around my age the first time he watched The Breakfast Club. The theater was having a ‘Tribute to John Hughes’ night, so Ryan made up an excuse in order for me to be allowed to take off my shackles and leave the house. Luckily for him, The Old Globe Theatre was putting on a production of The Nutcracker that same night, so that is where he told my parents we were going. He knew that I had already seen it the year before, so if questions were asked about my night, I would be able to answer them somewhat truthfully.

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